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Wife.  Mother.  Geek.  Nerd.  Otaku.  Gamer.

Those would be the words I use to describe myself.  I have three lovely geeks in the making.  I’m married to a nerd, though his nerdiness also spans into the smart genre.

The husband is a historian, sports fan, Irish music fan.  My soul mate and fellow gamer, we spend our evenings playing Final Fantasy XIV, and have since August of 2014.  Two subscriptions, side by side, tank and healer combination team.  Some people might think it’s weird, I call it romance. When we’re not playing FFXIV, we’re watching Picard, Discovery, Star Trek: DS9 and any number of geeky shows.

Basically, if it’s nerdy, I’m probably a fan. On top of that, I craft, cook, and occasionally write, all while attempting to run a household.

I have a sweet 7 year old daughter, who looks up to Mario, Nyan cat and Princesses Zelda and Peach.  She’s a Loki fan, loves Super Hero Squad, The Hobbit and Thor.  She’s getting close to me breaking out the first Harry Potter book and saying “Here, read this…you’ll love it!”  Oh, and youtube geek cakes like Nerdy Nummies?  Yeah, she’s watched them a million times.

I have a 5 year old son who thinks Luigi is better than Mario, watches Youtube for gaming videos, plays Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl,  The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Super Mario 3D World.  I’m not ashamed to admit he games A LOT.

And I have a 15 month old daughter, who likes to press buttons on the wii U, steal controllers (and mash their buttons) and already plays with the older twos fairly large collection of Super Mario plushes.

Updated July 2016
The 7 year old is now 9. While she hasn’t stopped loving the stuff above, it’s continued to expand. She enjoys the building aspect of Minecraft, though I’d say she loves to watch videos about it more than play it these days. She’s a huge DanTDM fan. She’s become a huge Star Wars nerd, to the point of correcting whenever she hears someone say something false about the movies, and watching many “Facts about Star Wars” youtube videos. She’s also become a DragonBall Z fan, and this mama has a bit of a puffed chest about it.

The 5 year old is now a 7 year old pest. Again, he hasn’t changed much in that he still loves all the other stuff listed, but he too has grown. His favorites these days are Minecraft, Roblox and Slitherio. He too watches way too much youtube, and if he could get away with it, he’s spend this summer on the computer doing little else (except maybe swim in the pool.)

The 15 month old is now 3, and rather than press buttons on the Wii U, she’d rather play it. She loves Nintendogs, and the Wario game, as well as watching the same episodes of Clifford over and over and over (and over and over…) She loves to watch Youtube with the other two, particularly if they are watching funny cat videos, listening to Star Wars music (I have my own Imperial March Theme that follows me around now.) and her favorite song right now would be “Dumb Ways to Die.”

This year, we lost our kitty, 18 year old Little Bear. While she is missed, eventually we knew we needed a replacement. It took 2 kittens to replace the hole she left, but right now we are content. We have our mini-black panther, Kylo Kitty Kitten Ren, and our new Calico Tiger, Yamamayaa. There’s only a few months between them, and we’ve only had Mayaa for a week now, but so far, so good. They are becoming fast friends, and I get to have a kitty on my lap now and then again.

Update February 2017

I now have a 10 year old, who seems more teenaged than child at times. It’s very disconcerting at times. She spends a good deal of her free time listening to music, and telling her parents that we don’t understand things. She’s currently into Five Nights at Freddy’s, talking on the phone to her best friend, and DragonBall Z. She’s a huge Vegeta fan, and I just don’t know where she gets it. omg I love Vegeta.

My 8 year son is full on boy. Break stuff, wrestling, fart jokes. His dream life is to play the computer 24/7, and be a pizza boy. He loves Strike Force Kitty: Last Stand, Undertale and watching youtube. I can coax him onto Minecraft. He hates baths, or at least the part of the bath that involves soap.

My 4 year old is a blend of the two older siblings. She’d play her kindle or Nintendo DS all day if I let her. She loves animals, particularly cats and dogs, and games that have cats and dogs. When you can distract her from handhelds, she loves to play with dolls and stuffed animals. We are very happy she’s mostly over Frozen, and loves Moana instead. I can deal with this.

We’ve added fish to our pet family, and hopefully this summer, we’ll be getting a doggy. I’m sure the cats will be thrilled (but seriously, our cats are jerks.)

Update November 2018

Not sure if my blog is broken forever or not, but was hoping an update would help fix it. Kids are 11, 9 and 5 now, and each approaching another year older in a month or so. The eldest is still an anime fan, and she loves the game Undertale. She seems to be heading towards a little goth stage, but there are much worse things in life, so I’m happy. Her life would be happy if I let her have an iphone and play doki doki literature club. But I’m mean.

The boy is a fortnite fiend, as well as still being into minecraft games, and some undertale off-shoot game. He played and beat The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (before his sister accidently deleted the game off the Wii U…) before I did. He’d be happy if I let him play the computer 24/7, and if his dad would let him play roblox. But we’re both mean.

The youngest loves My Little Pony, talking, school, talking and much to her brother’s dismay, playing on the computer too. We make them share. She also loves the playstation minecraft, and Stardew Valley. She’d be happy…well, she is happy thus far. Except when she’s overtired.

We have moved into a bigger house, have a dog (He’s a weiner, literally and figuratively) and life is good.

Update March 2020

I now have a 13 year old, in the jr. High school and that’s crazy. She’s a mini-me who loves art and hockey. Swears like a trucker, rainbow flag waving ally. She’s into Steven Universe atm, and slowly digging herself into the anime lifestyle. She rarely leaves her bedroom, because that’s what teenagers do.

My 11 year old is a computer hog, who would live on the computer if we let him. Like literally, sometimes we have to fight him to get out of the house. He loves to learn to “hack” and play roblox. I have to yell at him a lot to get him to “quiet down” as he screams with his discord friends.

My 7 year old still loves My little pony, but saw Frozen 2 in November and loved it. I didn’t see the movie until recently, but I knew the lines. And the songs. Because that’s what she sang and recited. She also recently has discovered the beauty of My Neighbor Totoro. Between those movies and playing on her kindle, she has been hanging in her bedroom as of late, doing her own thing.

Life is good- my garden last year was beautiful and this year I hope the same. The weiner is still with us, being a weiner, and the black cat of evilness shows us the way of the dark side.

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