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The week thus far

Working hard today!

I think that when you are a stay at home mom for so long, you forget what “weekends” are. Sure, we go through Saturdays, and Sundays, but in no way had I been differentiating them from any other days of the week, outside of “the kids and husband are home, I still have to do X Y and Z, plus Alpha, Gamma and let’s not forget Omega.” Particularly during this whole fun Covid19 quarantine, isolation thing, the days blur. If I didn’t have a planner and calendar, I might never know what day it actually is most days. “It feels like Tuesday” is honestly not the best way to tell the days apart.

This weekend might’ve been the first time where I felt it was very much a “weekend.” No teaching and classes (though I spent a good chunk lesson planning…) and a focus on relaxing. It was a very weird feeling for me. The husband and I went on a date, getting ramen to eat in the car, and stopping at a book store, and Wegmans in Syracuse. As usual, we also enjoy a nice evening by the fire with wine and s’mores.

Last week, on day 2, we ended up with a little clash of the most stubborn ones of the family (me and the older two, though mostly the boy…) and I had to step back. We all had a nice discussion, setting down some groundwork, and then I told them that I didn’t want to start with everyone feeling angry, upset, or frustrated, so we took the afternoon off and restarted the next day.

That did put us a tiny bit “behind” from my list of lesson plans but it was no big deal. As of today, we’re caught up, and after readjusting a few things (adding onto Mei’s curriculum because she’s a sponge who wants more and more knowledge and things to do or else she’s going to talk all our ears off as the older kids try to work…)

I had to play with math curriculums and it was terribly frustrating. The Oak Meadow curriculum for second grade is way behind where Mei is and so I had to figure out what else to use. I under the reasoning, I just don’t agree with it. Luckily, the 6th-grade math is right on. I thought I had ordered the Saxon Algebra 1/2, but it turned out I ordered the Saxon Algebra 1 and so there was a lot of confusion since I had gotten my hands on a free bit pdf of the first few chapters of Saxon Algebra 1/2 since my curriculum books had not arrived. We were using those but the first lessons were easy so I was panicked and confused about what to teach her. Once the books arrived, and I saw which edition I had ordered and we went through the first lesson, it all worked out.

Lessons learned- Liam was cranky and tired yesterday- we gave him some time and some food before we got going.

Today was the first day I felt like things were becoming a routine. We’re still getting used to it, there are still days where at least one kid pushes back- “I don’t want to do this”, “This is dumb”, “this is a waste of time” and other such declarations that I answer with “Maybe, but we’re still doing it.” It’s not fun to be teaching all three kids at once, usually one three different subjects, or the same subject on three different levels. I’m slowly getting them used to doing things from a list of things to do while they wait for me to finish up with whatever kid I’m working with at that moment. Read. Doodle. Duolingo. Stretch. Be patient.

I’ve also discovered that snacks are a great way to distract from the complaints. “This is dumb, who cares about this?” disappears when I tell them to grab a hard-boiled egg (not even kidding.) or piece of fruit. Oh don’t worry, my kids also eat the crap stuff too. Mei got these sugary unicorn snack cake things from Little Debbie the first week, and last week it was strawberry rolls. This week they are finishing up the “Birthday cake” cakes.

So though I feel like I could sleep 18 hours and probably feel drained of most of my energy, things are going well. Knock on wood, but I’m starting to believe that we can get through this year, maybe even with some sanity still intact! Knock on wood.

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