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Day 3!

Today was a good day. And I will muse a little on some things here.

Today was good because one of my fears was not being able to teach math. We did quite well, and for that, I’m glad. I decided I didn’t like the 2nd-grade math program so far and ended up finding something else last minute. Mei is much further along than the curriculum I’m using and was getting bored. Hopefully the new work will engage her more.

Curriculum arrived, though it’s the wrong math book…

I realized that I ordered the wrong book for Lilia’s math. It’s really hard to tell where she is in reality. Saxon algebra 1/2 seemed right, but today’s lessons were super easy for her. Saxon algebra 1, which is what arrived seems advanced, but when I ask her, she knows things from both. We’ll figure it out, but it has been stressing me out a bit. When (I like to say if…) she goes back to public school, I don’t want her too behind!

Some coloring

But it was a good day, and the best part, at least in my opinion, outside of teaching Liam how to hard boil eggs (we ate 8 eggs between the 4 of us today…) was beginning to teach the kids about meditation. I’m using the Sitting Together books, and surprisingly, the kids seemed to enjoy it. It was really fun, and I find that seems to be key to all of this- finding a way to make everything fun.

I do wonder what everything will look like in a week, a month, two months…everything is new and shiny right now. Eventually, it’s going to be an everyday thing, and I don’t know if the kids will be as receptive. It’s a bit daunting. Is it bad to admit how tired I am? I’m not used to teaching 3 kids in this fashion. It’s exhausting. I’ve always appreciated the amount of work teachers do, and this only amplifies it. So much planning and it doesn’t seem to end.

The other fun thing of the day was Lilia requesting to learn Japanese instead of Spanish. Warning given that she’s going to be behind when she goes back, but she really wanted Japanese (and honestly, I don’t know Spanish…) So Japanese it is, and it was a success for our first lesson. Luckily, I’m pretty familiar with Japanese- I did take it once upon a life time. And there’s always Duolingo and Lingodeer!

But for now…it’s time for bed. I am one tired mama.

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