Fat Chocobo Mom

She returns!


I’m not great at blogging, obviously. All that social quarantine and any desire to blog flew out the window. Virtual learning was awful. March, April, May, June, and July are like one giant blur that lasted 10 years, and August was a giant blur that lasted 5 days, all of which were spent with legit homeschool research, prepping, and spending way more money than I wanted.

There are so many blogs out there, and I never know what I want to say or post, or even write about, particularly through all the distractions going on in my own world. I think that’s ok- really my blog has always been this myriad collection of nerdiness and life- video games, anime, gardening, parenting, even a bit of spirituality tossed in there. I’ve never been in it for that “blogging cash.”

Just a normal nerd mom.

So with homeschool started in full, I figured, hey why not give it a go again? I might not post daily, but hopefully weekly at the very least. The world is sort of crazy right now, so why not talk about the things that are keeping the family grounded and sane. I’ve archived my old stuff (hopefully) for a fresh start, though all of it should be accessible. I might give the site a new look too.

At the very least, hopefully this will be entertaining…

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