Fat Chocobo Mom

Social “Distancing”

I have no clue where that phrase was coined, but I suppose it’s apt. Quarantine, at least if you are not sick, is too strong a word. Yes, you can go out- if you are smart. My husband and I plan to go out in the late evening- less people- should we need anything, though honestly, we stocked up as best we could for 2-3 weeks (Though we didn’t hoard, and I let friends know if they needed anything like toilet paper, to send me a message!) worth of meals, snacks, wine, and supplies. So hopefully, we can just let this all pass while we stay in our little spot in the world.

But with 3 kids, even our moderate-sized home feels tight. We’re not in a warm spot in the world right now- temps are having a spring hissy fit ranging in the low 20’s and going up to the 60’s on occasion. So if we can get outside is hit or miss.

So today’s post is all about things to keep everyone occupied!

First, I’m 100% okay with my kids playing on the computer, video game consoles, phones, kindles, and other devices. Just not the entire month. (Did I mention our school district is closed until the 14th?)

My first priority was getting the kids settled with some sort of learning. Thanks to some wonderful homeschool friends, I tackled the task- I’ve got online references, apps, and some confidence to go with my gut. I’ll definitely be taking more of a relaxed approach- letting my kids work with their strengths and interests. Sure, there are a few things I’ll have them do that they aren’t great at, but that’s also good too.

Of course, my first grader is super enthusiastic about all of this!

Some places to look are:

  • Scholastic
  • Khan Academy
  • Adventure Acadamy
  • Sumdog
  • Zearn
  • Prodigy
  • Xtra Math

A few of these might already be provided by your school- check with your kids if they have accounts.

On top of these programs, I’m asking my kids to read 20-30 minutes a day, keep a journal, and being married to a history professor is nice because I asked him to prepare some special fun lectures for them. I’m searching Pinterest for science experiments- this week we will do some firework jars, and I’m asking my oldest to use Duolingo for Spanish lessons. We’ve also got documentaries to watch, cooking lessons and lots of arts and crafts.

We will get through this without going insane!

So what about us adults? These are things I’ve explored, looked at, thought about trying. No one is paying me for this, it’s just the stuff I’ve come across. Here are some things to explore:

  • My journaling project starts on the 25th. I was tempted to start it early…
  • Speaking of journaling- these look like some fun accessories to enhance journaling and papercraft! I bought the last one and plan on trying my hand at papermaking over the course of the next month.
  • Skillshare has great courses. It costs money- I was lucky enough to be gifted with 3 months. It might be worth it though to get a month if you want something to do!
  • Start planning a garden! If you have room to start seedlings, do it! I found these on some weird Buzzfeed article and I have to admit, I’m a little tempted.
  • Now seems like a good time to try your hand at making kombucha, mead, wine, beer, gin or even fermenting veggies and the like.
  • Candle making, soap making…Brambleberry is a bit pricey but you can find everything you need in one place.
  • Hey, we’re stocked up, and to get fresh fruits and veggies, I joined Misfits Market. (Use the code COOKWME-AD4GQK to get 50% off your first box, and I get a little bonus too.) And why not add a dehydrator to the list of things to learn to do so nothing goes bad!

And remember- this is social distancing- unless you are sick, it’s not a quarantine to your bed. You can go for walks, you can hike (just try to keep away from people.) Garden, clean the yard, wash the car, play in the backyard with your kids- please make sure to get outside for some fresh air and vitamin D.

And if you are a gym-goer who is missing your workouts, hit online workout videos. Youtube is invaluable for anyone not wanting to pay, but there’s a few services to use- I’ve used Daily Burn in the past, but currently, I’m with Beachbody on demand. Yeah, it can be pricey, but fitness is worth it. I can promise you, the videos can kick your ass. It has mine…

So there you go, a few thoughts on how to survive if you are like me. I think it all comes down to a balance of keeping busy and relaxing. It’s like…yeah, this sucks, but what’s the point of complaining? It doesn’t do anything. Keeping a level head, and looking at everything from the point of view that this is a good time to reconnect with family and explore doing things in a new way is more productive.