Fat Chocobo Mom


So, while I was a regular journaler, in 2019, I began to journal daily. It was honestly great, a form of therapy. I’m still doing it. I’ve gone through 4 journals since I started- and that’s only a year and a couple of months. I include daily something I’m grateful for, as well as a tarot spread.

I include a lot in my journals, but as a stay at home mom, you can only write your day of cleaning and being a stay at home mom so many times before you grow bored of writing the same thing.

Got up. Drank coffee. Wrote. Cleaned something. Showered. Cooked dinner. Winter sucks. Can’t wait to garden. Went shopping today. Felt depressed. Played FFXIV. It rained. It snowed.

Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, or boring, though there’s definite repetition in my journal. Which is why I decided to dig deeper into journaling. If you go to Instagram, you can go to #journaling and find so much inspiration- people do such creative things! While I can’t call myself an artist, I do like creative endeavors and I like arty things.

The combination of word and art is magic to me, maybe because I am exploring my own paint and sketch side. That’s why my 100-day project is 100 days of 100 journal prompts with the intention that each prompt can be explored with both writing and drawing. My hope is to explore each daily prompt and explore myself. And I hope that it can inspire others to do the same.

The thing with journaling is that it can be anything you want. There are no rules, there’s no format. I’ve gone through my phase of daily work, and now I want to add on to that- create a journal that reflects me, that is an exploration of myself. There are no limitations, except your own- and even then- it’s a great practice of your skills and a way to help yourself improve artistically.

I’ve been watching a bunch of skillshare videos thanks to Polycraftual, who gifted me a 3-month subscription. There are tons of art classes and workshops, and journaling ones- and it’s all really inspiring. Everything from backgrounds to techniques, to themes and prompts. #journalmagic

And as I said, journaling itself is a form of therapy. You can write your hopes, dreams, frustrations, anger, disappointments, stresss and you can work through them with words. I cannot count the number of times I’ve written a problem down, only to continue to break down that problem and find either a solution or a reason for that problem that maybe I can tackle. Letting it all out, rather than keeping it bottled up feels so much healthier.

I’m honestly stupidly excited about this project, even though I know I’m terrible at the art part. I plan on using watercolors, markers (alcohol-based), colored pencils, sharpies, gouache maybe…whatever I feel like it. I’m going to aim to not feel bad if I can’t draw as well as I want, and instead focus on the prompt and conveying whatever that prompts leads me to write and draw.

And I’m really hoping it inspires others to do the same!