Fat Chocobo Mom

I forgot my domain and hosting was up for renewal and had to debate on whether or not I’d continue to pay. In the end, I paid it because while I may not post often, I do like my little corner of the internet. And that’s what’s important.

So mostly I’ve been just surviving. Most of my attention has been on house projects and writing. I’m sure I put it somewhere that I have a patreon to help support myself while I write my first novel. A lot of my focus these days is getting chapters written, or working on the rewards I give my supporters. It’s exhausting, but fun.

Blue Mage Choco and Tomo

Game-wise, the raid group has been working towards beating Midgardsormr (we raid maybe 2 hours a week, so it’s going very very slowly right now, but we are close!) and I’ve been working on Blue Mage stuff. Getting level 50 was super easy, getting the last of the blue mage spells is more time-consuming. At this point, I have 41/49 spells. All the remains are the extreme primals and the last two tokens. Blue mage is actually sort of fun. I do wish they had made the job more game worthy, but perhaps it will be eventually.

I am excited, however, for Shadowbringers, and the news that the new gunbreaker job would be a tank job was met with screams of happiness. I’ve loved the concept of gunblades since Final Fantasy 8. You can bet I’ll be in-game cosplaying as Squall. It’s going to be fabulous.

Not so exciting are viera, and that’s only because at this point they haven’t released or said anything about male viera. I’m honestly a tad worried about them not including male viera, which makes the viera race nothing more than spank fodder for the fanboys. Which I’m tired of seeing. I’m already annoyed a lot when my new armor ends up being a short skirt because my character is female, while the male armor are pants. I’m not opposed to skirts and sexy outfits in general, but I am opposed to us not getting the choice.

And before anyone leaves a comment on how female viera is “lore”, mi’quotes were also female only in lore until they changed it, roegadyn’s were male in lore until they changed it and the lore found the latest Ivalice alliance raid indicates that male viera do exist. So eff that, and give me my damn bunny boy.

And with that, I’ll climb down my pedestal and go back to Blue Mage. Oh, and playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I’ve never really been into the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Call it the wrong age bracket- I was an adult when the first was released, and wasn’t impressed. With all the KH3 hype, I decided to play the first ones. I finished Kingdom Hearts 1, and that was ok. Chain of Memories is also only okay so far. Honestly, not too keen on the card system, though it is a rather fast game so far. I’m heading towards Hollow Bastien after I finish up the 100 Acre Woods part. Perhaps the ending can change my mind on how “good” the game and franchise is…

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