Fat Chocobo Mom


Fenrir bike from FF7, got as a bonus for attending fanfest. It fits Choco.

We’ve spent a lot of time in Pagos, before and after fanfest. Tomo had a hard time convincing me to go in, but we decided to finish up so we could do Pyros. Grinding is not my style, although it sort of worked out. I could write in between NM pulls.

My axe…lacks glowy. Disappoint.

We did finally complete Pagos over the weekend. Who needs sleep, right? We were going to bed at like 2am every night over Thanksgiving vacation just to finish getting light for our kettles and be done with it all. Pagos is tedious. Ok, tedious, but I gotta admit, I sort of liked it because I was actually playing the game again, while doing other things.


Other than that, there’s nothing else going on in game. We resumed raid. 1 Shot Chaos, and are working on Midgardsomr. Learning that fight is annoying but sort of fun. I get to kill Skoje a lot if I don’t take aggro from him on time. Bwahahaha. It’s so easy to wipe the entire group too. Always fun times with our group. Be good if we beat it though.


Takato, Skoje and I on our motorcycles.

We also got our motorcycles from fanfest. I like it, mostly because I really like the music it plays- the crazy motorcycle chase music from Final Fantasy 7. I may or may not just be driving around pagos with no destination just to listen to the music.


Countdown to 4.5! I really should level my Paladin, Dragoon, and BLM to 70. I’ll end up doing War as usual in the expansion unless they make Drk better. Which I sort of hope. I liked Drk, but since you can’t really raid with Drk, I had to prioritize War. And don’t get me started on Gunblades. Because I want gunblade to be a tank SO bad, lol. And I still have hype for Blue Mage, even if it isn’t a raidable job. BECAUSE I DON’T NEED TO RAID ALL THE TIME. Blue mage just seems fun for killing time. I wish it were out not so I could say NO to pyros, and YES YES YES to Blue mage parties!

This. Is. PAGOS. Lots of death. Lots and lots of death because idiots pull and expect the tank to take it all and the healers don’t pay attention. Oh, we’re all dead??