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FFXIV Fanfest, aftermath

coasters and Namazu magnet

With fanfest over, there’s a bit of sadness, and relief. We were super busy the entire time, and expended a lot of energy, plus the time difference was taking its toll. I also missed my kids, but really, we still had an entire day to get through, plus an overnight flight and drive home. I was almost not looking forward to it, and dreaded the emotions of the group parting ways. That morning, we all slept in. Showered, packed, and then we met in Takato’s room since our Brazilian friend still had a few more days in Vegas without us. Once everyone else joined us, we walked over to the cheaper buffet, though because it was Sunday, it was pricier because they included all you can drink mimosas. It was a fun time, we talked a lot, and laughed and just enjoy the food. I think we all took as much time as we could, just because no one wanted to say goodbye.

Sadly we had to. Lael and Astraea had a long drive ahead of them. Apollo had a flight to catch. Tomo needed to walk around and find his missing license. Skoje and I escorted Apollo back to Takato’s room to get her stuff, while Takato made a run via uber to do some shopping. Once she got her stuff, we escorted Apollo back downstairs, and Skoje and I said goodbye to her. It was hard not to cry. It was hard not to cry when Astraea and Lael left. Our group clicked so damn well.


Choco and Takato enjoying some ramen!

Skoje and I hung out in Takato’s room, with Tomo who did find his license. At some point, I explored Masquerade Village and got Starbucks (without an hour line.) I opted to not get a tattoo- I sort of planned to get a moogle one. But I didn’t want to overpay just because it was from Vegas. My tattooist can do a better job, for less money.


At some point, Skoje also had his flight to get to, and then there was just three. We decided to get dinner and found a ramen place to hit. It was decent ramen, not the best, not the worse. It was warm, which was good- at some point during the day, my throat began to hurt, and I had a cough. Not sure if it was germs or the fact that our hotel lets people smoke on the floor. So gross.


Takato and I talked a whole bunch, while Tomo, who would need to drive home so needed more sleep, slept a bit. Finally, it was our turn and after some hugs, we left. The flight home was uneventful really. It was bumpy for sure, and the movie/screen system went down. They had Sirius XM but it sucked and I didn’t find a single music channel I liked. I finally put on Harry Potter, and that’s when the system went down. I didn’t get sick this time, though I still didn’t sleep well, and I really wasn’t comfortable until I shed my layers. I was so cold earlier in the day! I did discover sleeping with my head on the tray worked well. Tomo slept most of the way.

Good Bye Rio

My other complaint is that the dude who had our window wouldn’t fucking open it, so I missed the Vegas lights from the air AGAIN, and I didn’t get to see NYC as we landed. Jerk. Oh, and the flight attendant who skip my row for snacks. WTF!!

Once landed, we got food (thanks for being out of eggs, DD in JFK. I need protein!!), we got coffee (DD is so bad. I didn’t even drink half), we got our shuttle to our car. We drove home, and once we were past NYC, it was sleep time for me. I was so tired. Like omg seriously tired, I don’t sleep in cars, but once we were past the traffic, I put my seat down, told Tomo not to crash and slept. I felt bad, but Tomo did sleep on the plane so I think he was ok.

Backpack with pins

Being home was nice. My kids all gave me huge hugs, even my almost-a-teenager “I don’t hug” kid gave me a good hug. And we pawed through our loot.

And that was the end of our adventure. Will we do fanfest again? Yes. For sure. I mean, as long as we save up, right? But our whole group’s goal now is to be together for the next two years so we can visit each other again. I hope it happens!