Fat Chocobo Mom

FFXIV FanFest, Day 2

Saturday morning started off with our bodies reminding us once again that we are from the east coast and 8 am there is 11 am. Unable to go back to sleep, and hungry as heck, we ended up heading to breakfast. Tomo found a buffet across the street that was a lot cheaper, and though no one else was up, we headed over. It was only 10.99 and a fairly large buffet. We also ran back to the liquor store so that we could stock up on wine for Saturday evening’s get together.

Gaming room, standing in line for Eureka

After breakfast and the liquor store, we went to the convention center and decided to do the Eureka challenge. Takato joined us, as the only other person up at that point. It was a fairly large line but moved fast. Our team lost, though I was second and the only one of our group that didn’t die. Sort of bummed me out, I was excited to be doing well. Stealth lala ftw!! Then we were going to attempt the challenge roulette but that line was super long. So we did the dueling, though I left the line at one point hearing that Soken was going pictures. The line closed as I got there. T_T This was not my morning!!

We went back, and I was a little freaked out because the dueling was mouse and arcade stick, which I’ve only ever used a controller. However, it was pretty intuitive, or at the very least, easy to button mash. Tomo has never played melee dps where I have my dragoon at 63, so I crushed him three times for a flawless victory. We gave Takato our raffle ticket prizes and I honestly hope he wins! We did Fashion Report next which was really silly. The woman was just letting everyone win, which was nice since I was thinking we wouldn’t get a chance to do the challenge roulette or Kugane tower.

Shrine to Haucherfante

We had signed the wall yesterday, but between then and now, someone had started a shrine to Haucherfante. It was fabulous! We cried, we made offerings, we /pray[ed]. Too soon, my friends, my heart still weeps.

We started to grab seats for the Q&A, and Live Letter for all our group so we could sit together. Tomo and Skoje went to grab Starbucks and a snack which was a mistake- the line was so long that despite leaving at like 1:30ish, they missed the start of the Q&A, much to Tomo’s dismay. He had a question and considering that someone sat next to me quick so they could rush to the mic and got her dumb question asked, he probably would’ve made it too. I’m so sorry Tomo!!

Q&A needed to be better vetted. People ask such stupid questions, and then there was the angry white mage who needed to get over himself. At this point, I was struggling to stay awake, lol. But we made it, and as Live letter was ending, we booked over to Yojimbo once more. This time we had 8, including our friend Havi, and we one shot it. Sticker get (remember when the special battle gave t-shirts? DISAPPOINT.) We walked around some more, got a stamp for Kugane tower and got our prizes. I didn’t win the mini cactpot prizes, but Skoje did. We should’ve gotten food, but didn’t, which would later lead to some problems.


The Primals concert was awesome, except the soundboard was off and it messed with Tomo’s ears. He had to stand in the back, while I stayed in front with Lael. I love the Primals and the music, and my only complaint is the concert was not long enough at all. Less than an hour I think. Yoshida singing the Byakko theme was awesome and I’d LOVE to get my hands on that kimono, lol. Omega music, and of course Brute Justice.

We tried to leave ASAP to get to the strip and eat. We wanted to get a table asap and not have to wait 30+ minutes which was what the restaurant said would be the wait for a party our size. There was lots of yelling at one point between Hangry Tomo and I, and then we had a miscommunication with another group we wanted to get together with (Hello Mercury in Retrograde.) so it actually was pretty miserable. Our uber took us to another location on the strip and we had to figure out how to get to the restaurant while the other half of our group got left off right in front of it. The strip was sort of amazing- super busy, lots of scantily clad people.

Nacho Daddy was decent, a bit overpriced but the nachos were good. Tomo was shivering at this point, being tired, hungry and cranky. I wanted a drink but holy crap, the price was ridiculous. Luckily the other group we had a miscommunication with showed up anyways (thank you Elliott!) and we smoothed stuff over. Walking back to the uber pickup was fun, I even got an offer for some “warm titties in my face.” It was hard to say no.

Back to Skoje and Apollo’s room (in comfy clothes) for another night of Avalon and laughs. It was a great choice of a game by Astraea and I really want to get my own copy now. Finally, it was bedtime, and with nothing scheduled in the morning, we made plans to sleep in, and we promised that we wouldn’t change plans this time.