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FFXIV Fanfest, day 1

Continuing on!

Namazu adventurer!

So we had agreed we’d all meet for breakfast. Tomo and I ended up waking early, thank you body for reminding us that we were from the East Coast and 8 am was actually 11 am. It was probably a good thing because the lines for breakfast were incredibly long. We let everyone know the slight change of plan (And I hope they didn’t hate us for it.)

We ate at some place called Hash-a-go-go. It wasn’t that great a place. We got our first price tag shock- it was so overpriced that it was ridiculous. As someone who can’t eat more than a single cup of food at a time, paying 14 bux for a scramble was painful. But it was better than the 8.99 for oatmeal. The waiter hated us, that was apparent as well. He messed up one of my friends’ orders, and then actually tried to argue about it. In the end, he didn’t even right it, he shrugged it off completely. He didn’t even give her silverware.

I’ll try to be fair and note that we did keep adding people, but we told them we would be. *shrug*

Keynote fun times!

The good thing was watching cosplayers coming and going into the convention center. We had prime seating for that one, and I took quite a few pictures. When we were done, we headed into the convention ourselves, me dressed as a namazu. It was full but there was a lot of standing room. We got to watch the Keynote opening video. There were a lot of cheers. Shadowbringer looks fantastic, and I’m so hyped!

The reveal of Blue Mage was awesome as well. While we might’ve been disappointed that it’s a limited job that no one can raid with, I’m still super excited to play it. I want to learn all the abilities! And be fabulous because did you see blue mage? He was FABULOUS.

We decided to skip the welcome ceremony part, and rushed over to the gaming room to hit Yojimbo. We were literally first in line, and we were world’s first wipe. I kid you not! It sucked having only a 15 minute timer, and our random dps may or may not have had bad dps. Plus, my hot bar was messed up and I was so bad lol. I even missed deliverance on my hot bar the first attempt. I swear I put it on!!

Just hanging in Kugane- Me, Lael, Skoje and Takato!

After that, we hit the prepaid merch line. Tomo and a few others went to a panel, I stood in line with Skoje. Met a few other players, talked to them and took pictures of the many cosplayers. The merchandise was so cute. I got an otter <3

After that, we explored. I attuned to the aetheryte! The sitting area in Kugane was fabulous. We got to watch the rest of the panels from there and sat and talked. I found an old friend, Havi, who I met about 15 years ago on a whole other fandom. We checked out the art (omg, so much talent!!) and the games, and I got a picture with Yoshida-san!! I was super excited and got flustered as can be. I couldn’t even speak a damn word, but luckily Tomo was there to make Yoshida laugh. I believe Tomo kept saying “Ultima 4.5? Ultima 4.5?” Yoshida only laughed in that way that said NO WAY DUDE.

Yoshida-san, Mister Atma, Tomo and I!

After that, we decided to skip the costume contest because we were all super hungry, and food was expensive at the Rio. So we all walked down the street to a little pizza place that looked good. It was called Little Italy Pizzeria, and it was tasty. The owners were nice, didn’t mind our loud group, and honestly, it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and just enjoy each other’s company. We also hit a small little mart and the liquor store for some after concert gaming. After a small rest in our room, and a failed attempt to get starbucks (those poor starbucks employees, the convention goers kept them busy all day!) we went to the piano concert, featuring Keiko and Soken.

It was beautiful stuff. I love piano music and more when it’s Final Fantasy music. Soken was brilliant and so funny. I was laughing so hard at times with his silliness. It was a great concert, my only complaint being I wish it was longer.

The awesomest of raid groups and friend! Tomo, Astraea, Apollo, Takato, Lael, Me and Skoje!

After the concert, we all headed to a Korean BBQ place, and we apparently picked well because the place was super. The food was great, and because Lael spoke Korean (and is Korean, so she knew all the food), we knew what the food was and how to enjoy it all properly. Seriously, the place was FANTASTIC. I ate so much and was super sad to not be able to eat more! There was so much food, most of it meat (happy happy happy protein!)

When we were done stuffing ourselves to capacity, we headed back to the hotel, where we hung out in Skoje and Apollo’s room and played a game called Avalon. I honestly need this game and more people in my life to play it with. It was so much fun. I think we got to bed full of wine and laughter at about 2:30 am.

To be continued, again!