Fat Chocobo Mom

FFXIV FanFest 2018, day Zero (aka, getting there)

I can’t remember exactly what day it was, but sometime in early 2018, Tomo, the husband, decided to jokingly put a gofundme for Fanfest. You see that sort of thing, and I sort of always just laugh. Help me travel to ______, etc, and you sort of wonder if anyone ever gets all the money to do that. We showed it to a few friends, the plan being to haha, and then delete it.

We had the money in two hours.

Being silly as we rode our shuttle to the airport.

I mention we have made the greatest friends on FFXIV? Seriously, we had $1500 bux to pay for fanfest tickets, flight and hotel for the two of us within two hours of our gofundme. To each of those people, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Getting to go to fanfest was super awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was amazing and I really have to save to be able to go again. If only to hopefully get together with my raid group members because they are awesome and were the best part of attending fanfest.

So we got tickets in July, for 7 of our members. We were lucky! Thursday, November 15 came. We left our kids with their grandfather, who kindly agreed to take care of them for the entire weekend, and in fact, took them on their own adventure to a hotel and hockey game. They had a lot of fun! We left around 9:30 am and headed to NYC for our flight. Sadly, driving 4 hours saved us about $200 per ticket. It was a mostly easy drive, except driving through NYC, which is always a bit slow. Tomo found a long-term parking option that was cheap, and we got there safely…just as the snow started.

Our flight still said on time. It said on time when we boarded at 4:35. We got on board, got as comfortable as we could get. I was unlucky and got a window seat without a window! They closed the cabin doors and…announced that loading luggage was behind. It would take 20-30 more minutes. Thaaaaat’s fine. 20-30 minutes pass, and the snow is still falling, and they announce that because of the delay, and the snow, we need more time, cause the luggage still isn’t on (the carts get stuck apparently in the snow) and we needed snow removal. But they let us watch movies, so we watch a movie (Ant-Man and the Wasp was our choice) and wait.

About an hour later, they are still waiting and now throw in the fact that we need to de-ice as well. Tomo and I are getting really worried now. What if they cancel the flight? Keynote is at 10:30 am!! Our friends are waiting for us!! Beginning to worry and feel from stress, we keep watching our movie. The flight had been scheduled for 5:15. We left around 9:15. But we left! And that’s what’s important.

We were a bit into movie 2 (Deadpool 2) when the flight took off, which by the way, was scary AF. We took off in a snowstorm, and the plane literally felt like a rollercoaster, only worse because it was a plane and visions of being a smoldering pile of ash in the middle of the snow came to mind. I’ve never been that frightened while flying before. Once we were above the clouds though, it was only a bit turbulent, and the rest of the flight was pretty smooth. It was hot though, and being too hot, I did nearly pass out. That was not pleasant either. I had to strip my layers off in the airplane bathroom while trying not to faint. Visions of being found half naked in the airplane bathroom came to mind, and I’m pretty sure that’s the only way I powered through without passing out. I asked the flight attendent for some ice, and that helped too.

We tried to sleep, but that didn’t happen, so I watched Avengers: Inifinity War and FINALLY, we got to Vegas. Uber to the Rio and all our friends were waiting up for us. Which was awesome!! As tired as we were, we stayed up longer, meeting, chatting and becoming fast friends with our raid group.

At that point, I was grateful that we arrived safely, and happy as could be that I was meeting my friends and attending fanfest. As it neared 2am, we all headed to bed, visions of Yoship dancing in our heads.

To be continued!!!