Fat Chocobo Mom

Not broke?

I thought I b0rked the blog, but it is working again…hopefully. No clue what I did, but I’m not going to complain. I’m just glad it’s working, and that I don’t have to reset, reinstall, delete, restart…whatever it was I needed to do.

And hopefully, I can start blogging again normally. I took another extended I’m lazy break from blogging, partly to focus on some other aspects in my life, mostly spiritual stuff.

So what have I been up to? Same really. FFXIV. How I’m still playing, I don’t really know except I have the best raid group ever (I don’t mean that personality wise) and have made such good friends. It’s hard to leave knowing how much I’d miss them.

Not that the game is bad, it’s just in between patches and expansion and I’ve done most of the game outside of Ultima Ultimate and leveling everything to 70 (not doing crafters, yo. Yes I will.) We’re still doing the high end raiding, which is hit or miss. I hate learning the fight, I love beating the fight.

Outside of that, there’s little nerdiness in my life. I don’t have time lately. I barely watch TV, read manga (web toons is about it…) and outside of FFXIV, I don’t play many other games. It’s actually kind of depressing. Being an adult sucks!

So this week, I gotta focus on my FFXIV Fanfest report! All I can say is that it was fantastic and you should most definitely look forward to it!