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A little FFXIV love

The FFXIV love is still strong. It’s a bit slow at the moment, with StormBlood coming in June. My group is still working on A12S, and making some progress. It’s fun (as fun as raids can be, lol) and I think we can eventually do it, though I’m not convinced we’ll get it done before my surgery.

Yesterday Square Enix announced a free DLC giveaway with Amazon, so of course, being a lover of FFXIV, Amazon and free things, I immediately participated. Since I already had Stormblood preordered, and FFXII, my choice was Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia or Final Fantasy VII Remake. I went with FFVII, because…well, I was shocked at myself for not having it preordered already.

It took a few tries. I entered the code Amazon sent, but had to re-enter it after SquareEnix send me an email that said “Here’s your codes” but they were blank.  Oops. It did finally work, and upon logging in, my items were waiting for me.

This was the free staff you got for your Dragoon/Lancer. It’s a power pole! The DBZ nerd in my squealed.

Here is the “Cumulus” mount, and also the clothing equipped. Hello Nimbus! I love it, it’s one of my favorite mounts now. Again, DBZ fangirl is crying in joy.

No shame, I’m proud of my nerdiness.