Fat Chocobo Mom

Alexander 11 Savage

We’ve been working on A11S for almost 5 weeks. Most weeks we do one lockout, 3 times a week. Our group is pretty good about getting together, with us only missing one or two raid nights for various reasons. It’s been a long strange lewd duty.


Video coming soon. I made the mistake of taking a screen shot first, which is not how it works on the ps4. This win comes at the price of a 3% wipe, a wipe in which I face the wrong direction during Limit Cut, only to be outdone by our cat WHM healer doing the same, and then we had the dreaded (but necessary) 1% wipe. This win, our first win, and one done without Echo (because Tomo is stubborn, and we all decided to be stubborn with him), was brought to you by sacrificing their main tank, me, at 1%.

Now we have 2 weeks to beat A12S…