Fat Chocobo Mom

Warm weather

I think I gave up trying to post in the winter. Honestly, it’s just hard, there’s nothing exciting or even worth talking about during the winter. HALP I AM TRAPPED INDOORS just doesn’t make a good post over and over again.

But the warm weather is here, and with it brings lots of things to do and talk about. Gardening! Projects! Adventures! New games! Ok, so I could’ve been talking about the games I was playing, but I was also suffering from lack of focus, which I’ll get into in a second. And the biggest thing is that I’m 22 days away from surgery.

My entire focus this winter has been getting approved for this surgery. I’ve add working out to my daily list of things to. I got my EGD done, I’ve had more appointments, and finally around mid-March, I got the green light. I’m still waiting on hearing from the insurance, but that shouldn’t be a problem (knock on wood). Ok, I admit it, I’m feeling pretty anxious that they will decline and I’m gonna have to fight them to get approved.

SO yeah, I should have more to talk about. What can I say, my life is pretty boring. Doesn’t exactly make for a riveting blog, I know.

Did I mention I’m getting a puppy in August? Deposit down, contract signed. Awwww yeah <3 If anything, I’ll just turn this blog into a FatChocoboMom’s Minion page.