Fat Chocobo Mom

MKAL fun.

Character sheet and statistics, oh my!

I gonna talk more crafts today.  Because crafts! Actually, my love of crafting has collided with my love of being a nerd, and thanks to Polycraftual, I got my hands on a really interesting knitting pattern and project. It’s called the Yarn Quest 2017, Heroes of Yarnia. It’s an MKAL (Mystery Knit-a-long), in the form of an RPG game. I would say this is not for the absolute beginner knitter, although if you have someone to help you, you could be ok. You need to know how to knit, and purl. It’s double knit, and read from charts, so experience or knowing how to read one is a good thing. Don’t be like me, which is to read the chart from the top down. Because that’s how I roll. And frog. And roll again, anf frog until I slap myself a few times yelling “Get it together, FatChocoboMom!!” until I read the chart right. However, if you’re determined, you could get it done. There are a lot of videos on youtube you can use to help as well.

It will a long project. I started a few weeks ago, and let’s just say, there was many many frogs until I found my groove. Working with fingering yarn is one of those reasons I don’t do light lacy things. Nimble fingers I do not have!  But after about…a couple dozen tries, I finally got going properly, and now it’s just a matter of following the chart precisely.  It’s slow going, I try to do a few rows a day. I’m rotating between my crochet squares, and this, as well as another double knit scarf for my husband.

Currently, I’m still on clue 1. There’s a number of different parts to each clue, adding up to like…50 rows (give or take, I haven’t actually counted yet.) Each chart is determined by the roll of the dice. You even get a character sheet with stats and items and all the other good stuff a RPG game offers, as well as companion sheet. I’m in nerd heaven here. I’m very excited to actually get past part 1 though, just because I feel like I’ve been working on it for weeks now. I’ve only printed out the first clue because there’s so many charts with each clue that it seemed overwhelming to print them all at once (at least the ones that were out. There was 3 clues out by the time I joined. I think there’s 5 now.)

Despite the fact that I have two very large double knit scarves to work on, my brain is looking at other MKAL’s and crying it wants to do them too. I think we knitters and crocheters might have problems with our brains. Either that, or our fingers which cannot keep up with our brains. I will stay strong, and stick to the projects I’m currently working on. NO new ones. 😛  It’s a good thing that this KAL keeps you guessing and the pattern changes frequently enough to keep me engaged. Time to fight my dragon though!