Fat Chocobo Mom

Horrible terrible death

We attempted Palace of the Dead last night.  We started at floor 170.  We made it through the Chimera hell of floors 180-189.  Then we fought the GodFather. Without being 100% sure of what to do.

We died a terrible and horrible death.  Because of rookie mistakes.

Don’t hit the lava bomb away from the GodFather.  Only the healer hits it.  TOWARDS the Godfather.

Holmgang, Choco.  BEFORE massive burst.  And if not holmgang…run to Tomo.  Away from the Godfather.  To give Tomo a chance to heal your little butt before the Godfather punches you again.

Don’t run into the little balls when they are exploding.

Kill the remedy bomb.

Oh god, I have PTSD.

Back to floor 50 on Sunday.