Fat Chocobo Mom

The Last Guardian

I got this for John for Christmas. From the makers of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, the Last Guardian feels like a blend of the two previous games. It’s amazingly beautiful, as the other two were. It’s one of those games I love to watch others play. Don’t get me wrong, I’d play it too, if it were my game and I had endless time. But it was a gift, so I let the recipient play. 😉

This was my husband playing, though I think this scene was shown at E3. Still, it was a fantastic part. Just one of many “Oh Sh*t!” moments of the game.

Again, my husband game time. We thought this part was neat. The entire game is pretty much this: figuring out how to get Trico (the beastie dog thing) to wherever the boy is. Lots of jumping and having to trust Trico is going to save you, lots of fending off these dudes. There’s puzzles, and searching for food for Trico. The puzzles don’t seem as perplexing as the ones in Ico, but they are still fun.

I won’t give spoilers, but let me tell you…if this game ends in me crying my eyes out, I’m gonna be pretty angry though. There better be a happy ending.