Fat Chocobo Mom

The Return of Eorzean adventures

Happy New Years!

It’s been along time since I gave a FFXIV update, and figured three posts of WLS in a row was just a bit much! Chocolate needed some attention in 2017!

Awhile back, we beat A9s and A10S. But our group needed a break. We had one member that was just turning into the pretentious prat type, and even our most patient of members were starting to get ticked off. We also had a Brazilian player who was sacrificing a lot of sleep to be able to stick with us. Since Final Fantasy XV was coming out, we decided to put aside raiding until Spring.

Half of us decided we’d dedicate ourselves to doing the full 200 levels of PotD. It’s been fun. Honestly, until about floor 160, it doesn’t get very hard so long as you have your weapons at +99. 180…well, that’s another story. We’ve died there twice, and if you play the game, you know the consequences.  Back to floor 50. It’s so cruel! We also died at like 150 once, because we weren’t paying attention, and I think that same night we died at 80 something because we were just rushing through.

Our group, with almost matching mounts…

Tonight, we got back to 170, and stopped there. We attempt 170 to maybe 200 (probably 190, if we survive) on Thursday. Fingers crossed, because I don’t know if I can handle doing 50-160 again. It’s such a pain in the ass. But I love it. I’m also attempting to solo it, but had to restart to change jobs. I also haven’t been able to pry myself away from FFXV, or watching the husband play The Last Guardian.

Tomo and Chocolate celebrate the Starlight Festival and Heavenstrum.

But we still play a few times a week. I think we both still find it a good way to relax together, when we aren’t arguing about hugging walls. (Inside joke, perhaps only the husband can appreciate.) It’s been nice to expand our interests back outside of the game. We’ve been watching Vikings, and Sherlock, as well as the above mentioned games, which by the way are fantastic and I will be discussing them at a later date.

I think we’re both excited about new content, both patch 3.5, which comes out January 17th, and the newest expansion, which comes out in June 20. Super excited about that!

We still love each other.