Fat Chocobo Mom

Welcome to 2017

Happy New Year!

New year, New life. New year, New me. Isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are? Well, it was kind of a secret until now (though, not really…more like I just didn’t talk about it anyone and everyone), but I’ve actually been working on some pretty big changes in my life since the end of November. It’s not about the new year, but it’s coinciding with it so here we are.

2017 is going to be my year. I’m making changes to myself, because if I don’t, if I see another year go by at the unhealthy level I am, it’ll be bad. Bad for my life, bad for my kids and my husband. At some point, I realized, I need to take control or risk having my life end like it did my mom. Not a happy subject, I know. But let’s be honest, it’s a necessary one.

This year, I’m working towards bariatric surgery. To say I’m scared is a bit of an understatement. To say I’m determined would also be an understatement. If there’s one thing I understand at this moment is that one path will lead to a really ugly, and unnecessary death. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not 2017. But eventually, my body is going to tell me off for keeping on the path it’s on now. The other path, the one I’m picking, is going to have a lot of struggle, a lot of pain, with a SMALL chance of death. But it’s the path that has the potential to go further, the one to help me lead a longer, happier life. It more uphill and a lot of internal work, but for me…it’s worth it.

So my blog is changing, but only a little. I want to include this journey.  But it’ll still have my geeky side- video games, anime, music and all my nerdy love. Crafts. Hopefully lots and lots of crafts. But it’s also going to include what I hope is an inspiring personal side. Maybe Fat Chocobo Mom can be healthy and happy Chocobo Mom. And maybe I can also be a little more consistent in the whole blogging area. I’m really bad about keeping up with blogging.

If I can inspire and help others get healthy as I walk down my own path, that’s something I’d like to do. One of the biggest things I’ve done since I made the decision to investigate this path was read and research.  As much as possible, from the scientific end of things, to the more personal stories. The good, the bad, the ugly.

At this point, I’m confident in my choice, and am taking all the necessary steps as ordered by the surgeon. I’ve seen a nutritionist, I’ve had a psych evaluation. I’m in the middle of losing x lbs to meet what they call a reassurance goal, to demonstrate a willingness to lose. I had x-rays, and blood work, and will be having an endoscopy (hopefully soon…). I’m attending support groups as well, once a month in person, and I joined various online communities. It’s slow going. My next appointment (where I need to have lost x lbs) is January 24th, and if I’ve made my goal, there’s a good chance within a few weeks I can get a date.

Exciting, scary stuff! And with time to spare for all the good stuff… FFXV, World of Final Fantasy, The Last Guardian, FFXIV: Bloodstorm, DragonBall Super, Attack of the Titans, and crafts, crafts, crafts and more crafts, I’m hoping to do a lot of blogging to keep myself occupied. Please…look forward to it!