Fat Chocobo Mom

Alexander Savage

At some point over the summer, I realized I didn’t have time to blog about anything interesting.  My plan was to begin again once the kids were back in school (5 days, omg 5 days!) and resume a little blogging. But I guess I’m going to start early.



Because this nerd finally beat Alexander 6 Savage last night with her static.  Now, I know.  No biggie, we aren’t world’s first, other groups did it faster, etc etc etc. It took us around 3 months, but that was with a lot of group issues.  I think in total, we went through…6-7 people, on top taking a few people for a trial run and it not working out.  I won’t speak for anyone else, but there was at least four times during the entire three month span where I considered leaving the game completely.  We moved from 2 night a week to 3 nights a week, though we still stuck to only one lockout per evening, plus one to two runs after.  We had a very set time of ending by 11 pm EST.  And that’s probably what saved my sanity.

With one of our members heading off to a 2 week vacation, we were determined to beat it, even deciding to do a lock out on our “night off.” I wasn’t thrilled, but I’m glad we did.  We finally beat those damn robots. I’m going to change my name to Yoshimi!

I realized I never shared we beat Alexander 5 Savage.  We did! Here’s the win.

And here’s our A6S win:

So what’s next?  Well, we aren’t sure.  With our other tank on vacation, I don’t think we’re going to attempt A7S just yet. We’re positive that we can do it, but there’s the problem of a new patch on it’s way.  Will our group want to stay behind and not focus on new content?  I think I’d actually prefer sticking to A7S while we work on non-raid new content.  I don’t mind not being world first.  People around us seem to get so burned out because they try to everything within a week.  Silliness! It’s much better to take your time and enjoy the game.

Since FFXV is delayed, we’ll probably do raids until then at the very least, and then we’ll have to see.  FFXV in November, and Persona in February…it’s a nerd girl’s kind of year!