Fat Chocobo Mom

Too busy!

So when I was cleaning up and changing themes last week, I was thinking…hey, summer life can’t get much busier. I CAN find time to blog!

And then it was the fourth, and then Lilia enrolled in a local kids theater and is in a production of the Wizard of Oz. And the husband is running the boilermaker, and the kids ran the kids run this morning. And any opportunity to sit down long enough to blog seemed to disappear. Life! You aren’t supposed to get this crazy!!

This week should be a little easier. Maybe. I think Lilia has three rehearsals, though it might be two. The weather forecast is hot so we’ll get some good swim time. But I think after the busy week we’ve had, and the fact that the following week will be spent at Camp, this upcoming week should be nice and relaxing.


Not the prettiest of cakes (or the best picture), to be honest. But the taste? Divine!

It was my father in law’s birthday. I’ve been on a cake baking kick this summer, making some really delicious cakes for my husband’s birthday, and father’s day. I decided to keep it going by attempting to make something epic for my father in law as well. Well, not quite epic. His favorite dessert ever is brownie. So of course, I went with a brownie cake, and to make it more birthday-y (is that a word?), I threw on some delicious yellow cake frosting.

The brownie itself turned out really well, except for the edges being a little harder.  Note to self, trust your instincts and pull the brownie out sooner.  I used the recipe from Back to Seconds, only I used a 9 x 9 pan and not a 9 x 13.  So a little thicker. I think I cooked it about 20 minutes extra, and really, 10 probably would’ve been enough.  Since it sits in the pan to cool, it would’ve finished cooking in the pan.  The brownie delicious though, better than any brownie mix.  It uses butter instead of oil, and three different chocolates and cocoas, so it has all the flavor.  Thick and rich, just a little piece will fill you up.

The frosting was super good too.  At first I was was like…ummmm….when I saw one of the ingredients was yellow cake mix.  Like, who thought of that?  What sort of insane maniac thinks to put in cake mix…into a frosting?  But it worked SO WELL. Now, it was hot yesterday.  Damn near 90, with my kitchen not having any sort of air flow (despite my house having central air.)  So the frosting was soft.  Really soft.  It smoothed beautifully onto the brownie, but the little bit I colored and used as text…well, that didn’t work out so well.  I didn’t have time to let it sit in the fridge.  So the letters sort of just…spread.

No big deal, I just added more sprinkles and rolled with it. After all, this is going into happy bellies. No one really cared that it was imperfect.  What they cared about it was that it was super delicious, and we all needed extra milk.