Fat Chocobo Mom

Summer Vacation

Yes, it’s been like…ages! I’m still here, but it’s not big surprise that life takes over and blogging frankly gets put on the back burner. I’m not one of those super awesome bloggers that get paid! I did however, change the theme and look of the blog, did a few updates here and there, and have a few things hopefully planed for posts.

So summer vacation is here. It’s…slow…this year. There hasn’t been much to do, the weather seems to be hit or miss, and we only just got the pool up. It seems like all our summer adventures are planned for later in the summer. Of course, technically, last week was our first official first week of vacation, which really means we have a ton of vacation left. If our family is good at anything, it’s taking things at a snail’s pace. No rush, no major plans, just sort of taking things as they come, with only the plan that eventually, we will get from A to Z. We have a small list of things we want to do over the summer, but no dates actually set in stone.

I think this is the first year though, where I really worry about the kids, and being a balanced parent. I have no qualms with TV and video games, but now that school is out, there are definite moments where I scream internally that the kids have had way too much screen time. Where I feel like an old fogey yelling that as a kid I never was allowed to sit around watching TV all day, that I had to go outside, and it didn’t matter how hot it was outside.

I’m also the parent that says Hey! I’m not responsible for entertaining you. Go entertain yourselves. I think that in itself sets you up for a lot of whining. In the end, they are good, and find something to entertain them or have a great time outside, etc etc. But the battle sometimes…ugh. Very easy at times to just give in. God, yes, go…go watch something and get out of my hair. Particularly if you want to get things done.

So balance. It’s almost elusive at times. This year I implemented rules and guidelines.They get to watch and play on the tv/computers/handhelds during certain times. Mornings, because hey…I like to sleep in. Afternoon, once Mei is napping, no screens, tvs, handhelds. They can do whatever they want in their rooms, or outside. Though in order to play in the evening, they have to do certain things to earn that time. Reading. Crafting (drawing, painting, knitting, or something similar.) Going outside. Not continually complaining. And helping out around the house.

They also have set chores, which let me tell you, are so simple, it’s almost ridiculous. Just little things, to help around the house, and not make mom and dad feel like maids. Chores also earn them points towards fun things, like allowances and outings, like Billy Beez and Chuck E Cheese, and maybe even friends coming over to play.

So I like to think we have balance, though somedays are better than others. I don’t know if it’s a kid thing (I highly suspect it is.) but if they can get away with not doing any of that, and playing all day (When Mom and Dad themselves are feeling lazy), they will.

FCM will have to keep on top of them, that’s for sure.