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Statics and raids

Why is this guy such a jerk??

Why is this guy such a jerk??

We’re having a terrible time with static members this year.  We’ve gone through quite a few people.  This is the problem you get when you aren’t “elite” and don’t commit to 4-5 several hour runs a night, five times a week.  We got through a good chunk of A3S, but stopped.  Finally beat Thordan Ex.  We’re now running Sephirat Ex and it’s ugly.  No big problems until that last phase, and then we die.  And die…and die…and die.  And our replacements ragequit, and leave.
Don’t get me wrong, MOST nights, our group sees baby step progress, sometimes more than that.  Sadly however, most people want huge leaps in progress, beating things within a week, etc etc.

It’s sort of depressing.

I guess we’ll see what happens next, since we have to find yet another replacement.  It might be time for Choco and Tomo to retire from raiding for a little while.