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Labyrinth Sweater

Labyrinth Sweater

am not working on anything nerdy lately.  It’s sort of sad, though the things I am working on are pretty neat.  I’m still working on the labyrinth sweater.  I wouldn’t call it slow going, so much as I frogged the thing 3 times (including twice at about 8″ in…) and then when I finally got the yoke done properly and moved on to the waist shaping, I stopped because the yarn I ordered for a custom came in and I wanted to start on that.

It was paid for back in December, but we both wanted to wait until the yarn we wanted was on sale.  If you’ve not worked with Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering, I’d highly recommend doing so.  It’s such a pretty yarn, and so nice to work with.  Maybe it’s just me, but when you work with the cheaper yarns, splurging and using a more expensive yarn is a pretty big deal.  It finally was on sale in March, and while it wasn’t that much of a discount, doesn’t every little bit help?

Sneak peek! I'm much further along however!

Sneak peek! I’m much further along however!

This custom is another scarf/cowl using the Jessie-at-home Fall Cowgirl pattern.  I love this pattern, it’s so simple and easy.  The colors are Vancouver, Faun and Serpent, though I got some “artistic freedom” to decide how and where to use each color.  It’s turning up really nice, and I’m hoping to have it done by the end of next week (the cowl part is the only killer, it gets really slow towards the end.)  After that, I’m hoping to make a few up to sell, as well as to make one up for myself.

Of course, the problem with that is wanting to finish my sweater, and finish up about 3 other projects (pleated skirt and a cowl for the eldest, scarf for the husband) that I have on hold, as well start a sweater for my husband.  I’d also like to make my pattern for a scarf/cowl with some cables and a whole different look.  Oh, and have I mentioned my desire for a Slytherin scarf to match the one I made PolyCraftual?  Ahhh, so much to do!