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Polycraftual Invasion

I’ve been considering how to change the look and feel of my blog, and I seem to be floating in a dead space of “I have no clue what to do.”  And that’s not really productive, so back to posts, and hopefully eventually, I’ll figure how how I want the space to look.

I’m recovering from a week of Polycraftual, formerly known as Doom Kitty, and her boyfriend.   She went and changed her name on us!  I’m not changing my tags, woman.  It was a fun time, though I think for the first time ever, we hardly had any time to actually knit and crochet.  Highlights included a trip to Ommegang Brewery, Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY, a Utica Comet’s Hockey game, and many trips to various shops and restaurants.  It also includes quite a bit of beer/cider and wine, video games and even some table top RP. I’m afraid to step on the scale, after such an indulgent week!

Polycraftual, being a quintessential Ravenclaw, fully accessorized.

Polycraftual, being a quintessential Ravenclaw, fully accessorized.

While we didn’t spend much time crafting, I did manage to finish my gift to her- a Ravenclaw scarf, made in the traditional book colors of blue and bronze.  I started it back in December, realized I wasn’t getting it done by Christmas, and then plans were made for another British Invasion.  While I didn’t get it done by her arrival, I did finish it before she departed, and isn’t that the important thing?  I’m really proud of it.  It’s long, and I did it the proper way- in the round so the scarf is thick and warm.  The yarn is Caron Simply Soft, and yes..it is soft.  I used about 1.5 skeins of the Navy, and half of the bronze.  And I’m totally jealous, because I need a Slytherin one now, and will somehow have to make time to make myself one!

Polycraftual (I miss calling her Doom Kitty) made me a very lovely bracelet, and a tree of life pendant from wires.  She was also a total sweet heart, and bought the the items to get me started so I could make my own, and even gave me a quick lesson right before she left.  My first wasn’t exactly the best, but now that I have the jist of how it’s done, it’s a matter of practice.

It's almost too sad to look at...

It’s almost too sad to look at…

Now that our time is done (insert tears here) and my focus of getting that scarf done is through, I get to spend a few days focusing on something for myself.  Sadly (because why would things get done right the first time around?) I ended up frogging my entire 40 rows of sweater last night, when I realized I totally messed up.  I’m not even sure how, but it was multiple mistakes that amateurs make.  Even when I read ahead like it said, I still got things reversed.  Starting over really sucks, but I’d rather it’s done right.  It would be bad if my first sweater was misshapen, lopsided and generally looking like something for an alien to wear! 😉