Fat Chocobo Mom

Anima Relic Get!!

It finally happened. After two months of grinding, Choco got her axe anima.


BEHOLD! The Ukonvasara!

The quest included the fate grind. Three luminous element Crystals from each of the six areas for a total of eighteen. Some took fifteen minutes. Others…let’s just say RNGSUS was cruel.  The quest was called “Soul without Life” for a reason…

Ten Dungeons, though at least six were unsynced.


My maturity level made me laugh at that.

And finally…20 Unidentified Seeds, 20 Unidentified Ore, 20 Unidentified Bones, and 20 Unidentified Shells, plus the four Adamantite Francesca HQ, four Titanium Alloy Mirror HQ, four Dispelling Arrow HQ and four Kingcake HQ. Shout out to Tomo for doing all that while I did the Daily Beast Tribe grind, on top of the daily roulettes, and everyone who did the actual crafting for us.

In the end, was it worth it?  I’m now i210.  The stats are Strength 109, Vitality 115, Determination 97, Critical Rate 71. My Crit is down from 102 that was on the Parashu, but that had no determination. So yeah…it’s better. Plus it’s awesome looking, though…there’s no glowy. Come on, I want glowy!!


It is an awesome axe, which goes oddly well with my Valintine’s Day outfit.

Would I do it again?

Probably not.  I need to finish the rest of the dungeons for my Dragoon Weapon, but I think that can remain at the Brionac. I don’t Dragoon enough to put myself through all that again.  So what will I do for this last week before patch 3.2?  Craft.  Relax.  Maybe I won’t even log in for a few days.