Fat Chocobo Mom

New Domain!

I decided to get my own domain, just because…well I really have no reason. It’s the cool thing to do!

Not really, but I wanted my own domain and hosting, and here we are.  So things are slowly being transferred from the old site to the new.  I’m sure I did this the hard way, and I’m sure I did it as cheaply as possible (aka, I didn’t pay to do anything, other than have my own domain and hosting.)

It’s all good!  So far, the only thing I had to fix was videos, as this version of wordpress seemed to need the actual embed code, and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix my spotify lists.  Minor issue, I’m sure I’ll resolve it someday.  I should probably find out if my images are actually being hosted on the old site, or on mine….but as long as you can see them, right?

Of course, having my own domain puts a bit more pressure on myself to actually blog more often, so we’ll see how that goes.  There was another reason to have my own domain and hosting, but that’s more for my role-play/writing nerd friends.  😉