February 2018
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There’s a nasty little stomach bug going around the house. All three kids got it, and at least one was the cause of poor FatChocoboMom having to steam clean her rugs. Ah, the joys of parenthood. I’m also on some antibiotics for an infection, which has left my stomach feeling quite queasy. Today is the […]

Too busy!

So when I was cleaning up and changing themes last week, I was thinking…hey, summer life can’t get much busier. I CAN find time to blog!

And then it was the fourth, and then Lilia enrolled in a local kids theater and is in a production of the Wizard of Oz. And the husband is […]

Hoppy Easter

The eggs…not as geeky as last year, but I like them.

This year turned into a fairly relaxed easter.  We did the usual Easter Eggs, and while I wanted to do natural dyes, I didn’t have the time to commit, and stuck to the usual dyes. The kids don’t really care, they just like […]

Fall and Soup

It’s our first really Fall-ish day, without it technically being Fall.  And I can’t really complain, because I love fall.  Crisp cool air, Autumn colors, apples, cider, pumpkins…We even got married in the Fall, the first day of Fall, to be precise.  I’ve actually been wanting Fall for weeks now.

It was a perfect day […]

Harvest time

Not as big as the Zucs, thank goodness

This weekend, and most of last week has just been super hectic with my mother in the hospital.  Of course, living in the middle of nowhere, the hospital is a good 45 minutes away, which isn’t so bad until you throw in three kids and exhausted […]


It was John’s birthday last week, and as usual, I threw him a small birthday party to celebrate.  Normally it’s just food and beers with our friends. This year we had some luck in that my brother-in-law and his family were in town, so we had a BBQ beforehand, letting the cousins all play together. […]