December 2017
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The trouble with the Square Enix Store

This is what I wanted. This is what I ordered. On October 25th. Unlike previous orders, wherein the money was deducted when the product was actually shipped, the money was taken right away.


December 7th. Notification of shipping.  YAY!

Even at this moment, the shipping tracking says the same thing. “A UPS shipping […]

Geekchic Moon Prism Power Make Up Review

From left to right- Submarine Reflection, Queen of Darkness, Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber, Silence Glaive Surprise, Crescent Beam Shower and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache

The swatches. From bottom to top: Crescent beam shower, Submarine Reflection, Silence Glaive Surprise, Queen of Darkness, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber (and a repeat of […]

A little Moonlight Dentetsu

Straight from the manga

I figured I’d wait for at least two episodes before writing my thoughts on the new Sailor Moon Crystal. I like it a lot. It’s fast paced, more like the manga. So far, there’s no filler episodes, which is good and bad. I liked the filler episodes in the original […]

Make up Dilly-dally, shilly-shally!

Our favorite flower seller, The Last Cetra.

Let’s talk geek chic!  Why?  It’s all I have today.  And it’s completely awesome.  Last month I mentioned getting Geekchic’s color of the month: Pretty Guardian.  Still a great color, it’s become my go-to when I don’t have time to do much outside of a little color, or […]

The smell of literature, epilogue

Finalizing my series on Deconstructing Eden‘s Kushiel based perfumes,  bring you the final two scents.  In the Kushiel’s legacy series, the heroine of Phedre’s trilogy is Phèdre nó Delaunay, a pale skinned anguissette- Kushiel’s chosen to enjoy pleasure from pain.

A marque is the symbol of Naamah earned by each of her servants. Naamah was said to […]

The smell of literature, part two!

In my previous post, I reviewed some of Deconstructing Eden’s perfumes, based on the Kushiel’s Legacy series of books.  Today I’ll review more.  Last post, I focused on the scents inspired by a few of the Houses of the Night Blooming Flowers, aka the Night Court.  Prostitution is scared in Terre d’Ange, and the adepts […]

The smell of literature

One of my favorite authors is Jacqueline Carey.  One of my favorite books series is the Kushiel’s Legacy series, particularly the first trilogy, Phedre no Delaunay’s story.  Long story short, and with no spoilers, the heroine is a young woman picked by her Gods to experience pain with pleasure and save the realm of Terre […]