January 2018
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The Binding Coil of Bahamut, Turn 9

Tomo and I beat t9 last night.  It was sort of a surprise.  We’ve made it to the last phase with our static, but a few of the people in our FC who are on Final Coil (and some that have beat it…) offered to get us through the final phase.  It took a few […]

Second Coil of Bahamut Updates

July was fun on the FFXIV spectrum as my static group decided to part ways. Honestly it was closer to a few people in the group just deciding it was time to move on, aka stop subbing. No big deal really. It felt a little sad, our group was good, even if they didn’t see […]

Turn 7

I knew by the end of Sunday that we’d get Turn 7 down.  Monday proved to be that night.  It felt good, super good to get that b*tch down.  Of course, Tuesday is reset, so we get to do it all again this week! Ah the joy of weekly lock outs.

It’s Tomo’s perspective, which […]

Summer and T6 and meeeelting

Tomo and Chocolate- Healer and Tank extraordinaire!

Ack!  Summer vacation is officially here for the Fat Chocobo Mom family.  Kids are out of school, and temperatures have risen to mid to high 80’s, with today hitting a nice 90º+.  For me as a Northern girl, that’s too hot.  This has meant lots of pool […]

Victory on Bahamut’s hand!

Turn 5 was downed last night.  It felt super!

Watching the video, I noted a few things I don’t really notice while I’m playing.  I hit buttons constantly.  I move the camera…a lot.  And man, the derps.  I have no clue how we won because I totally derped a few times.  I hit the […]

Leviathan Ex

Wave Axe get!

We actually got Leviathan down last week, but thanks to the ps4 bug, I didn’t get a video.  Plus I was so excited and left before screenshots…

So we’ve been farming this weekend, and practicing.

I have a better video, but that one doesn’t include me getting my axe.  (Actually, it’s […]

Titan EX…done.

This about sums up the 3 days of adventures we had with our static and Titan EX. Wipes. Wipes. More wipes. Mostly because it’s just one of those fights where everyone needs to be perfect. Pretty sure this was from a gaoler landslide that ended up on me during a 5 way landslide, leaving […]

In which I return

Mr. Resetti says no, I can’t reset the week. Such a meanie.

What a crazy week.  That was probably the worst stomach virus I ever had.  And to add to the fun, one by one the kids were struck down as well, except Lilia (fingers crossed.)  I’d like to restart the week, but only […]

PS4 fun

Here’s just a quick glimpse of the quality of FFXIV on the PS4.  It’s short (only 4 seconds) but I’ll eventually get a longer video uploaded.


Just the Manderville dance…it’s amazing though. One of the first thing I noticed was the details.  Grass, water, shadows, are better defined.  The characters moved more smoothly.  And […]