February 2018
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There’s a nasty little stomach bug going around the house. All three kids got it, and at least one was the cause of poor FatChocoboMom having to steam clean her rugs. Ah, the joys of parenthood. I’m also on some antibiotics for an infection, which has left my stomach feeling quite queasy. Today is the […]

The Biggest Question

So why weight loss surgery? I mean, come on Fat Chocobo Mom, eat less! Workout more! It’s.just.that.simple!!

To be honest, that is one of the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. If eating less and working out worked for everyone, obesity wouldn’t be the problem it is. New diets would be created every 15 days, and […]

Welcome to 2017

Happy New Year!

New year, New life. New year, New me. Isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are? Well, it was kind of a secret until now (though, not really…more like I just didn’t talk about it anyone and everyone), but I’ve actually been working on some pretty big changes in my life since the […]

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Mom, Nov 3 1955 to April 18, 2015…We miss you

Today, my mother would’ve been 60 years old.  I think and I ponder that, and there’s this huge part of me that gets so mad at her.  How dare she die so young?  How could she not take care of herself?  She’s deprived herself […]

To Mount Doom!

The other day, my husband looked down on his hand and realized his wedding band was missing.  He didn’t know when or how it had slipped off, but for the first time in 14 years, his ring was not on his fingers.  We looked everywhere.  He went back to stores he was at that day, […]

Spring Summer

I love the smell of rain.  We skipped ahead a little to summer, and May brought little rain thus far.  We are getting some much needed rain today, and that on top of the cooler temps feels really good.

Things sort of faded away with some of the chaos that came in my life.  On […]