February 2018
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Life lessons

We had a bit of a pet family tragedy on Monday. I consider myself a nice person, so when something like a dog with tags comes strolling into my yard, I feel obligated to find the owners.  If I didn’t, and later saw the dog hit by a car, I’d be really angry with myself. […]



Summer seems to be going by incredibly fast.  My birthday is in a few days, and that’s always the midpoint of summer in my mind.  It’s been a rather interesting summer.  Our area has been hit with some really hard storms, with a few nearby areas getting hit with tornadoes and microbursts.  Lots […]


It was John’s birthday last week, and as usual, I threw him a small birthday party to celebrate.  Normally it’s just food and beers with our friends. This year we had some luck in that my brother-in-law and his family were in town, so we had a BBQ beforehand, letting the cousins all play together. […]

Good bye weedville, hello…unfinished patio

I’m mostly feeling better- my nose gets super stuffed at times, which makes it hard to breathe, and make me rather miserable, but for the most part I am back to normal.  Yesterday was cooler and overcast, so it made a good day to work in the garden.

It’s still a bit messy. I’ve […]

Gardening weekend

It’s been a busy weekend.  I’ve been working a few hours each day on weedsville.  It’s going really nice, and I’m ending today with a trip to the store to pick up rocks and more weed mats.  I’m really satisfied with how things are going, even if I had a few “what the heck am […]

Things that grow!

Hardening off my plants, want to get these babies in the ground soon!

I’ve been pretty busy during the day this week.  College classes are done, so my husband is home during the day, which gives me a bit more freedom.  The days have been sunny and rain free, which mean I’ve had some […]

The troublesome nature of toddlers

I remember Lilia and Liam as toddlers. I don’t remember how troublesome they were. Mei…what a little trouble maker!

Oh, I’m not supposed to pull out all the wipes? Ooops.

What, I can’t take out the tissues and rip them up? You don’t let me have any fun, mom.

Stealing mom’s seat? […]

Growing the good stuff

My daffodil garden. Later there should be tiger lilies too. Ignore the smudges in this picture.  Mei gifted me with finger prints on the lens.

I’m going a non-nerdy route today, unless gardening is considered nerdy. In which case, I’ll be fulfilling my nerdy quota once again.  It’s taking forever for the nice weather […]


Who needs a dryer? Apparently me since it’s been mostly rainy and cold making it impossible to keep up with laundry for 5.

I have a new dryer.  It seems crazy silly how excited I am to have a new dryer but my old dryer was from the 1960’s.  I kid you not.  The […]

In which I return

Mr. Resetti says no, I can’t reset the week. Such a meanie.

What a crazy week.  That was probably the worst stomach virus I ever had.  And to add to the fun, one by one the kids were struck down as well, except Lilia (fingers crossed.)  I’d like to restart the week, but only […]