February 2018
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The trouble with the Square Enix Store

This is what I wanted. This is what I ordered. On October 25th. Unlike previous orders, wherein the money was deducted when the product was actually shipped, the money was taken right away.


December 7th. Notification of shipping.  YAY!

Even at this moment, the shipping tracking says the same thing. “A UPS shipping […]

The Biggest Question

So why weight loss surgery? I mean, come on Fat Chocobo Mom, eat less! Workout more! It’s.just.that.simple!!

To be honest, that is one of the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. If eating less and working out worked for everyone, obesity wouldn’t be the problem it is. New diets would be created every 15 days, and […]

Welcome to 2017

Happy New Year!

New year, New life. New year, New me. Isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are? Well, it was kind of a secret until now (though, not really…more like I just didn’t talk about it anyone and everyone), but I’ve actually been working on some pretty big changes in my life since the […]

New Domain!

I decided to get my own domain, just because…well I really have no reason. It’s the cool thing to do!

Not really, but I wanted my own domain and hosting, and here we are.  So things are slowly being transferred from the old site to the new.  I’m sure I did this the hard way, […]

Spring Summer

I love the smell of rain.  We skipped ahead a little to summer, and May brought little rain thus far.  We are getting some much needed rain today, and that on top of the cooler temps feels really good.

Things sort of faded away with some of the chaos that came in my life.  On […]

Spring time

It’s so nice to have the weather be warm and sunny again.  While cleaning out my garden beds isn’t exactly fun, there is a zen like quality to it.  It’s hard to focus on anything other than the task at hand, which is really nice, particularly when there’s a lot on your mind.

Half […]


This is so true.  I’d say Mei does most of this still. Though I save time by not putting dry clothes in the dryer.  It’s a time saver.  Sometimes I just don’t take clothes out of the dryer at all.  Sometimes I don’t take them out of the washer…that’s not a time saver though. […]

So close…

It is the last few days of freedom for the kids, as school grows closer to beginning. In all honestly, I can’t wait. I love my kids, but my older kids love school and learning. Them heading to school is going to mean more time for me to get things done, though I’ll still have […]

Harvest time

Not as big as the Zucs, thank goodness

This weekend, and most of last week has just been super hectic with my mother in the hospital.  Of course, living in the middle of nowhere, the hospital is a good 45 minutes away, which isn’t so bad until you throw in three kids and exhausted […]

A poll!

I get to climb down off the nerdy bus today.  My last set of dishes was bought in 2001…wedding gifts.  I’ve lost a small plate, some are chipped and it’s just about time for me to retire them. I have a second set, though they don’t match, and they are older than my wedding dishes. […]