January 2018
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Sneak Peek

Oh…we are gonna have to talk.

Because look what arrived today. Geekchic cosmetics has done it again.

My money is gone, and in its place is some spectacular colors. This is my sneak peak until I can give a proper write up!


Vacation time!

It’s President’s Day week, which means no school for my kids for an entire week.  This isn’t too bad.  The two older ones just want to play minecraft all day, and Mei just likes having them home to pester and play with.  The only annoyance is more whenever the kids touch anything that Mei had/wanted/saw…you […]

Oh my…

Time has passed by once more.  Life is too distracting!

Chocolate beats T10!

Last night, Tomo and I finally beat T10.  We were pretty happy.  It feels like we’ve been working on T10 forever.   With our complete static, we’ve gotten down to about 14% a few times, but hitting enrage.  Usually at least […]

The Binding Coil of Bahamut, Turn 9

Tomo and I beat t9 last night.  It was sort of a surprise.  We’ve made it to the last phase with our static, but a few of the people in our FC who are on Final Coil (and some that have beat it…) offered to get us through the final phase.  It took a few […]

Nerdy knits

Cactuar Minion…still needs eyes and mouth.

I am the Queen of unfinished projects.  In my knitting back, I probably have about five unfinished projects, and my crochet bag is probably worse with tiny projects that also just never got finished. Worse, I have a ton of yarn, that I am pretty sure breeds like […]

Second Coil of Bahamut Updates

July was fun on the FFXIV spectrum as my static group decided to part ways. Honestly it was closer to a few people in the group just deciding it was time to move on, aka stop subbing. No big deal really. It felt a little sad, our group was good, even if they didn’t see […]

Just a random

This made me laugh.  Perfect nerd stuff.

Fat Chocobo Get!

I was in a bit of fan girl heaven yesterday, when I got my fat chocobo and moogle minion in Final Fantasy XIV.  They arebsolutely adorable.  There’s not much I can say about it, other than sqeeing, so I’ll share some screenshots and the video from the ps4.

The Fat Chocobo has been a part […]