February 2018
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Stormblood Music

They released the main theme for Final Fantasy XIV: StormBlood. Once again, it is done by the master, Nobuo Uematsu. Entitled “Revolutions”, I think it’s very indicative of the journey about to be undertaken by our hero, the Warrior of Light.

The video contains a lot of StormBlood footage, as well as some Heavansward spoilers.


Gears of Change, Patch 3.2 Talk


I didn’t notice it.  This is where being married to another geek comes in handy.  😉  He pays more attention to Live Letters and forums.

New Dungeon- The AntiTower.  I’ve already said I was excited for this one.  It looks fabulous!  And creepy dolls….SO CREEPY.

Only now they are even creepier because…they are Calcabrina […]


A little more than a month to FFXIV: Heavensward. I’m super excited. Today they released the song and video for the expansion, and I’m practically bouncing off the walls.

Warning, it does contain a few spoilers from the end game of the main story arc in ARR.

I think these are lyrics…the italicized are the […]

Winter is Coming?

OK, some cool geeky things to share.

Appropriate, since Game of Thrones, season 5, starts this weekend. I’m mixed with emotions. As a book nerd, I’ve been able to separate book from TV. But at some point last season, it felt less “Game of Thrones” and more like “Hey, let’s do whatever we want.” Some […]

Musical fun times

Ah, it’s so good to have my two older kids back at school.  It’s back to quieter mornings, just mom and Mei.

My kids are really into “Teen Titans, go!” at the moment.  It think it’s a kid thing, because I recall my sister doing the same, and I probably did as well, but man…kids […]

Music find

We know I’m an irresponsible blogger.  Posts? “Oops, haven’t made them” frequently happens.  My excuse is the new FFXIV patch.  Triple Triad and Chocobo racing.

But that’s a future post as I gather my screenshots…which I keep forgetting to take because I’m busy racing my chocobo!

In the mean time, I wanted to share this […]

Because I like random goodness

I couldn’t resist sharing this.  It’s so beautiful, one of my favorite songs from Ghost in the Shell.  I adore geeking out to soundtrack music, particularly anything fully orchestrated and done with a chorus.

It’s 18:22 of pure awesome.

A small rant, and a Wind up Bahamut.

Let’s go back to May 5th.  My husband ordered the Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn OST for me for Mother’s Day.  Here is the nice email confirmation.

Now, from this you’d assume I received my gift, at the latest, on the 2oth.  Well, you’d assume wrong. See, the problem is that Square uses Digital […]