December 2017
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Summer Vacation

Yes, it’s been like…ages! I’m still here, but it’s not big surprise that life takes over and blogging frankly gets put on the back burner. I’m not one of those super awesome bloggers that get paid! I did however, change the theme and look of the blog, did a few updates here and there, and […]

A New Year

I feel as though 2015 ended in a huge explosion of chaos, on every level.  I had so much going on, I described my days as catching my breath.  But instead of a long post on what happened, and how I survived, let’s focus on the fact that I did survive, and here we are: […]

When you spin faster than the world…

You know, it’s actually really hard to keep up with a blog, particularly with three kids and no plan.  Life seems to go from really boring to “omg, it’s really hectic I don’t have time to breathe so don’t mention blog busy.”  The toddler in particularly keeps me super busy.  Lately she takes to doing […]

The end of summer (aka, I’ve been MIA again)

It’s been awhile.  This summer feels a bit like it flew by.  Where I thought I might be ready to blog again, it turned out I wasn’t.  I won’t say I was depressed so much as I was simply grieving and letting myself go through that process.  Instead of writing and dwelling, I got “out” […]


This is so true.  I’d say Mei does most of this still. Though I save time by not putting dry clothes in the dryer.  It’s a time saver.  Sometimes I just don’t take clothes out of the dryer at all.  Sometimes I don’t take them out of the washer…that’s not a time saver though. […]

*peeking in*

OMG, it’s been so long! We went from September to December in the blink of an eye!  Life got crazy, particularly with a toddler on hand.  I really kidded myself when I thought I’d have more time once the kids went back to school to get things done, at least blog related.

Just peeking […]