January 2018
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O Christmas tree, part one

The slow process of Christmas Tree-ing.  It was raining here, and it delayed our plans to get a Christmas tree until late evening.  It was worth it.  The kids were super excited, particularly Liam, who had his coat and shoes on a good half hour before we left.  And the collection “Oh man.” that they […]

Back to school!

School has kicked off for the older kids, and the husband has returned to work.  Being the stay at home wife to a professor means that I get to spend my summers with the entire family home home as well.  Let me tell you- it’s both great and terrible. 

I celebrate because I love.


So close…

It is the last few days of freedom for the kids, as school grows closer to beginning. In all honestly, I can’t wait. I love my kids, but my older kids love school and learning. Them heading to school is going to mean more time for me to get things done, though I’ll still have […]

Life lessons

We had a bit of a pet family tragedy on Monday. I consider myself a nice person, so when something like a dog with tags comes strolling into my yard, I feel obligated to find the owners.  If I didn’t, and later saw the dog hit by a car, I’d be really angry with myself. […]



Summer seems to be going by incredibly fast.  My birthday is in a few days, and that’s always the midpoint of summer in my mind.  It’s been a rather interesting summer.  Our area has been hit with some really hard storms, with a few nearby areas getting hit with tornadoes and microbursts.  Lots […]

Summer and T6 and meeeelting

Tomo and Chocolate- Healer and Tank extraordinaire!

Ack!  Summer vacation is officially here for the Fat Chocobo Mom family.  Kids are out of school, and temperatures have risen to mid to high 80’s, with today hitting a nice 90º+.  For me as a Northern girl, that’s too hot.  This has meant lots of pool […]

The troublesome nature of toddlers

I remember Lilia and Liam as toddlers. I don’t remember how troublesome they were. Mei…what a little trouble maker!

Oh, I’m not supposed to pull out all the wipes? Ooops.

What, I can’t take out the tissues and rip them up? You don’t let me have any fun, mom.

Stealing mom’s seat? […]


Who needs a dryer? Apparently me since it’s been mostly rainy and cold making it impossible to keep up with laundry for 5.

I have a new dryer.  It seems crazy silly how excited I am to have a new dryer but my old dryer was from the 1960’s.  I kid you not.  The […]


I was so busy on Easter week that I didn’t get to share the kids easter eggs.  I had been planning to do some natural dyes this year, and again, just got sidetracked.  Honestly, I didn’t even shop for Easter candy until the Thursday before Easter.  And we didn’t color the eggs until Saturday night. […]

Rinse. Repeat.

It’s been a rather hectic two weeks, with this weekend promising to be even worse.  The kids were home on Easter vacation, though my husband still had work himself.  Having the kids home is a blessing and a curse, particularly with the weather we’ve had.  Mother Nature can’t make up her mind.  We’ve fluctuated as […]