June 2019
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Steps of Faith. Dragon Slaying, here we come.

So here we are, in April. The last of the main story line as been released in a patch, and on my end, finished. The Final Coil of Bahamut has been opened, so it can be pugged, DF’d or run as many times as you […]

Music find

We know I’m an irresponsible blogger. Posts? “Oops, haven’t made them” frequently happens. My excuse is the new FFXIV patch. Triple Triad and Chocobo racing.

But that’s a future post as I gather my screenshots…which I keep forgetting to take because I’m busy racing my chocobo!

In the mean time, I wanted to share this […]

Oh my…

Time has passed by once more. Life is too distracting!

Chocolate beats T10!

Last night, Tomo and I finally beat T10. We were pretty happy. It feels like we’ve been working on T10 forever. With our complete static, we’ve gotten down to about 14% a few times, but hitting enrage. Usually at least […]

Turn 8!

Last week, I was honestly considering putting FFXIV in hiatus for a bit. After a week of wipes, in both Second Coil and Extreme primals (despite having beat them before) and then spending a hefty amount of gil trying to get my chocolate brown chocobo, I felt pretty worn down a bit. At best, I […]

Nerdy knits

Cactuar Minion…still needs eyes and mouth.

I am the Queen of unfinished projects. In my knitting back, I probably have about five unfinished projects, and my crochet bag is probably worse with tiny projects that also just never got finished. Worse, I have a ton of yarn, that I am pretty sure breeds […]

Back to school!

School has kicked off for the older kids, and the husband has returned to work. Being the stay at home wife to a professor means that I get to spend my summers with the entire family home home as well. Let me tell you- it’s both great and terrible.

I celebrate because […]

Turn 7

I knew by the end of Sunday that we’d get Turn 7 down. Monday proved to be that night. It felt good, super good to get that b*tch down. Of course, Tuesday is reset, so we get to do it all again this week! Ah the joy of weekly lock outs.

It’s Tomo’s perspective, which […]

Make up Dilly-dally, shilly-shally!

Our favorite flower seller, The Last Cetra.

Let’s talk geek chic! Why? It’s all I have today. And it’s completely awesome. Last month I mentioned getting Geekchic’s color of the month: Pretty Guardian. Still a great color, it’s become my go-to when I don’t have time to do much outside of a little […]

Summer and T6 and meeeelting

Tomo and Chocolate- Healer and Tank extraordinaire!

Ack! Summer vacation is officially here for the Fat Chocobo Mom family. Kids are out of school, and temperatures have risen to mid to high 80’s, with today hitting a nice 90ยบ+. For me as a Northern girl, that’s too hot. This has meant lots of […]

Victory on Bahamut’s hand!

Turn 5 was downed last night. It felt super!

Watching the video, I noted a few things I don’t really notice while I’m playing. I hit buttons constantly. I move the camera…a lot. And man, the derps. I have no clue how we won because I totally derped a few times. I hit the […]