December 2017
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On the hook…and needles!

I’ve always got a million projects going at once.  One day I will stick to the rule that I have to complete all my current projects before starting a new one.  One day…So my ACTIVE projects at the moment include a custom glove and ear warmer set for a customer, a cute coffee cozy to […]

O Christmas Tree, the finish.

And with that, the tree is finished.  Now if it can survive the next 15 days…(It’s already been attacked by a cat, a blanket and a lamp.)

O Christmas Tree, part 2

Mei was amused by the ornaments.

Sunday was a fun day of relaxing, and putting ornaments on the tree.  All the kids were upstairs when I brought the box out, but I swear, it was as if they had some sort of Christmas Tree senses and they tingled the moment I opened a box. […]

O Christmas tree, part one

The slow process of Christmas Tree-ing.  It was raining here, and it delayed our plans to get a Christmas tree until late evening.  It was worth it.  The kids were super excited, particularly Liam, who had his coat and shoes on a good half hour before we left.  And the collection “Oh man.” that they […]

*peeking in*

OMG, it’s been so long! We went from September to December in the blink of an eye!  Life got crazy, particularly with a toddler on hand.  I really kidded myself when I thought I’d have more time once the kids went back to school to get things done, at least blog related.

Just peeking […]

So close…

It is the last few days of freedom for the kids, as school grows closer to beginning. In all honestly, I can’t wait. I love my kids, but my older kids love school and learning. Them heading to school is going to mean more time for me to get things done, though I’ll still have […]