December 2017
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Crafting good times

Square 1- Fantastic!

I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot again. After taking some time off from squares, I started the 2017 Moogly CAL, despite not finishing the 2015 one. I only have a few square left of that one, and I thought maybe I’d just do a few squares I really liked towards […]

Hook Happenings, part 2 (Catch up edition!)

NeverEnding Wildflower

Back to the Moogly CAL, I left off at square #10, with five alternative squares also completed. Next up was Square #11, The NeverEnding WildFlower Square.  Another flower square, but it was a really pretty one. A new technique once again, which was fun to learn.  I love the flower and the […]

Hook Happenings

I did a ton of squares in the spring.  The Moogly CAL was going quite well for me, at least until I got busy with a few other projects.  I did the next seven square from the CAL, as well as two random squares of my own choosing.  Technically, I’m still ahead at 18 total […]

Hook happenings.

Tamara’s Kismet- my first square

Starburst Square- really loved this one

I haven’t worked much on the CAL for this week.  Well, technically, I have.  It’s a square made up of four mini squares, sewn together, and I completed two of them.  But, they are too large, and I am not happy with […]


With the snow a foot or more deep, and the temperatures below 0ºF (and I won’t even discuss wind chills), we are all rather stuck inside.  I love seasons, I don’t mind snow and I even don’t mind the cold.  But this winter can’t end soon enough.  I’m ready for sun and the great outdoors.


I can haz…Square

My first square of the Moogly CAL is done.  Woot!  Well, mostly.  I still need to weave in all those ends, and block it, but I’m waiting for my blocking supplies to arrive.  In the meantime, I can gain a few rows on the One Ring Scarf, and the shawl.

Ugh, so uneven. Still, I love […]

It’s a crafty crafty crafty year!

It’s been really fun having my best friend Harriet here to visit. She still has another week before she flies back to Manchester, and I’m already dreading it!

My Crochet along progress

We’ve hung out and crafted a lot. We’ve planned and I’ve ended up putting together a list of knit and crochet projects […]

Crochet along!

Once again, it’s been a busy few weeks. Christmas, New Year’s and now my best friend in the world, Harriet is visiting for two awesome weeks. While she is here, we’ve decided that we’re going to poke and prod one another to do the Moogly crochet-along.

We are ready! Mine is, of course, more […]