December 2017
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What is this blog about?

Really, it’s just a way for me to geek speak.  Locally, there aren’t many geek moms.  There’s soccer moms, school moms, judgmental moms…but not many gaming geek moms that watch anime and play video games.  So it’s my way of reaching out to others of similar parental beliefs.  At the very least, it’s a way for this fan girl to do what fan girls do best…geek out!


Aren’t you ashamed to let your kids watch so much tv and play video games?

Sometimes I worry, but for the most part, my kids are active and intelligent.  My kids go to school (and our family sacrifices to pay for one of the best Catholic schools in the area rather than sending them to a very low ranked school.) and they play outside and they play in their rooms with toys. They go to their grandpa’s house and play with him, and we take them out. In Spring and Fall they play soccer.  In the summer they swim.  So no, I don’t worry they about their activity levels.

The games they play also aren’t violent games, at least they aren’t games where you go around killing other people, there’s little to no blood.  They are games with lots of text, so they learn to read and learn problem solving skills.  I worry about finding that right balance, but do I feel ashamed?  No, not in the least bit.

More to come, if questions arise