January 2018
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Steps of Faith. Dragon Slaying, here we come.

So here we are, in April.  The last of the main story line as been released in a patch, and on my end, finished.  The Final Coil of Bahamut has been opened, so it can be pugged, DF’d or run as many times as you like. […]

Hoppy Easter

The eggs…not as geeky as last year, but I like them.

This year turned into a fairly relaxed easter.  We did the usual Easter Eggs, and while I wanted to do natural dyes, I didn’t have the time to commit, and stuck to the usual dyes. The kids don’t really care, they just like […]

Music find

We know I’m an irresponsible blogger.  Posts? “Oops, haven’t made them” frequently happens.  My excuse is the new FFXIV patch.  Triple Triad and Chocobo racing.

But that’s a future post as I gather my screenshots…which I keep forgetting to take because I’m busy racing my chocobo!

In the mean time, I wanted to share this […]

Geekchic Moon Prism Power Make Up Review

From left to right- Submarine Reflection, Queen of Darkness, Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber, Silence Glaive Surprise, Crescent Beam Shower and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache

The swatches. From bottom to top: Crescent beam shower, Submarine Reflection, Silence Glaive Surprise, Queen of Darkness, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber (and a repeat of […]

Sneak Peek

Oh…we are gonna have to talk.

Because look what arrived today. Geekchic cosmetics has done it again.

My money is gone, and in its place is some spectacular colors. This is my sneak peak until I can give a proper write up!



This is so true.  I’d say Mei does most of this still. Though I save time by not putting dry clothes in the dryer.  It’s a time saver.  Sometimes I just don’t take clothes out of the dryer at all.  Sometimes I don’t take them out of the washer…that’s not a time saver though. […]


With the snow a foot or more deep, and the temperatures below 0ºF (and I won’t even discuss wind chills), we are all rather stuck inside.  I love seasons, I don’t mind snow and I even don’t mind the cold.  But this winter can’t end soon enough.  I’m ready for sun and the great outdoors.


Vacation time!

It’s President’s Day week, which means no school for my kids for an entire week.  This isn’t too bad.  The two older ones just want to play minecraft all day, and Mei just likes having them home to pester and play with.  The only annoyance is more whenever the kids touch anything that Mei had/wanted/saw…you […]

Oh my…

Time has passed by once more.  Life is too distracting!

Chocolate beats T10!

Last night, Tomo and I finally beat T10.  We were pretty happy.  It feels like we’ve been working on T10 forever.   With our complete static, we’ve gotten down to about 14% a few times, but hitting enrage.  Usually at least […]

I can haz…Square

My first square of the Moogly CAL is done.  Woot!  Well, mostly.  I still need to weave in all those ends, and block it, but I’m waiting for my blocking supplies to arrive.  In the meantime, I can gain a few rows on the One Ring Scarf, and the shawl.

Ugh, so uneven. Still, I love […]