August 2020

Social “Distancing”

I have no clue where that phrase was coined, but I suppose it’s apt. Quarantine, at least if you are not sick, is too strong a word. Yes, you can go out- if you are smart. My husband and I plan to go out in the late evening- less people- should we need anything, […]


So, while I was a regular journaler, in 2019, I began to journal daily. It was honestly great, a form of therapy. I’m still doing it. I’ve gone through 4 journals since I started- and that’s only a year and a couple of months. I include daily something I’m grateful for, as well as […]

MKAL fun.

Character sheet and statistics, oh my!

I gonna talk more crafts today. Because crafts! Actually, my love of crafting has collided with my love of being a nerd, and thanks to Polycraftual, I got my hands on a really interesting knitting pattern and project. It’s called the Yarn Quest 2017, Heroes of Yarnia. […]

Crafting good times

Square 1- Fantastic!

I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot again. After taking some time off from squares, I started the 2017 Moogly CAL, despite not finishing the 2015 one. I only have a few square left of that one, and I thought maybe I’d just do a few squares I really liked […]

I gets to sew…

I don’t know if I’m excited about this or not. We’re hitting Pennsylvania in December to attend the Longest Night Masque. I’m super excited about this even if it makes this introvert very anxious! It’s based on the Kushiel’s Legacy series, AND the author Jacqueline Carey is attending, so there’s really no words to how […]

Stitches and more stitches

Labyrinth Sweater

am not working on anything nerdy lately. It’s sort of sad, though the things I am working on are pretty neat. I’m still working on the labyrinth sweater. I wouldn’t call it slow going, so much as I frogged the thing 3 times (including twice at about 8″ in…) and then […]

Polycraftual Invasion

I’ve been considering how to change the look and feel of my blog, and I seem to be floating in a dead space of “I have no clue what to do.” And that’s not really productive, so back to posts, and hopefully eventually, I’ll figure how how I want the space to look.

I’m recovering […]

In which FCM is silly this morning.

I’ve been quiet, as we’ve not really had much going on. It’s sort of that long stretch between Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but there’s not really much to do, unless you like lists and grocery shopping. Alight, I do like those things but they are boring for blog posts, […]

On the hook…and needles!

I’ve always got a million projects going at once. One day I will stick to the rule that I have to complete all my current projects before starting a new one. One day…So my ACTIVE projects at the moment include a custom glove and ear warmer set for a customer, a cute coffee cozy to […]

Halloween semi-DIY

Today starts the series of costume wearing for three days for the kids. Liam has a costume party with his karate class tonight, and then the kids have their classroom Halloween party. Then there’s Halloween itself. Today should be super busy- I’m making Halloween cookie cut outs for their classroom party, and that’s time consuming. […]