January 2018
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Back to my dungeon! I mean basement…

My new stove is coming on Saturday!  I’m very excited, particularly since we got a good deal (I think…)  So my kitchen is almost complete, with just the odd touch here and there to make things more simplified and organized.  Which means…

Back to the basement.

Yes, that was the sound of me screaming in […]

My warm and lovely tiny kitchen

My daily thinking goes something like this:

“I should blog.”  *Browses the web.  Plays with the kids.  Cleans.  Big projects.  Cooks.  Crochets.  Final Fantasy.*  “Oh man, I didn’t blog.  I really suck at this blogging thing.”

And thus, I don’t blog.

Thing is, I like to blog. It’s fun to share ideas and thoughts, and […]

A New Year

I feel as though 2015 ended in a huge explosion of chaos, on every level.  I had so much going on, I described my days as catching my breath.  But instead of a long post on what happened, and how I survived, let’s focus on the fact that I did survive, and here we are: […]


Anna doll that I’m so psyched to give to Mei.

I ordered a cute Anna from Frozen doll for Mei, as well as a stuffed Sven.  I even picked up a Kristoff doll for the son of one of my friends.  And the best part?  The dolls were on sale, on top of me […]

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Mom, Nov 3 1955 to April 18, 2015…We miss you

Today, my mother would’ve been 60 years old.  I think and I ponder that, and there’s this huge part of me that gets so mad at her.  How dare she die so young?  How could she not take care of herself?  She’s deprived herself […]

Sugar Coma

It’s the day after Halloween, and that feeling of another holiday done and survived.  We aren’t really in a sugar coma- believe it or not, my kids are pretty practical when it comes to candy.  They both know stomachaches suck, and vomiting is worse.  Not to say they ate a lot more candy than I […]

Blessed Be

Happy Halloween, and Blessed Samhain.

Nerdy Kids (and the trials of parenting)

My kids love youtube.  Lilia loves to watch Nerdy Nummies.  In fact, she’s really pestering me lately to make a roll up cake, or Mario cake or Nyan cat cake.  Hard to explain to a 7 year old that you aren’t really that talented.  They love to watch videos of Kinder eggs being opened, for […]