April 2017
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More Vlog

I’m not very good at this whole vlog thing, but I’m picking certain things up as I go. Like looking at the camera and not the screen on my ipad. I actually might use my camera next time, since that takes longer videos, and I might avoid the whole splicing videos thing. I’m trying to learn, at least and I will get better!

One week, one night left until surgery. It’s really scary, but I’m doing okay. I’m much more relaxed than I was, though I’m certain that will change. This weekend, I’m guessing, is when the real freak out begins, and then Monday. ¬†Oh man.

Mr. Hoppy- mind the gross water, I’m in the middle of spring cleaning my pond.

In other news, I got out and cleaned my pond some today. It needed it badly. Needed a new pump, so that’s in. I’d love to add a waterfall feature, and this new pump can do that. The neat thing about my little pond is that it’s own little ecosystem. I’ve got lily pads and water lilies, and my fish somehow survived. Despite the grossness…and my fish have a little friend, Mr. Hoppy. It’s really neat, and I look forward to the summer when it’s a nice place to sit and relax in the warm air. Fresh air will be good for recovery, too.


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