February 2016
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Gaming and Anime talk

It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to talk FFXIV.  Yes, I still play, and that playing is still almost nightly after the kids are in bed.  The husband and I have almost completely stopped watching TV.  With the exception of making sure we finished Jessica Jones (which I looooved by the way.) I can’t name a single thing we’ve watched in the last three months when the kids are asleep.


Much like her mom, Lilia thinks Baby Inuyasha is way to adorable!

During the day I get a lot of kids stuff.  Blue’s Clues.  Team Umizoomi.  I did get Lilia hooked on Inuyasha, which we watched all 168 episodes.  I got Inuyasha: Final Act for Christmas and we watched that too.  We only watched one of the movies (Sword of the Honorable Father) though I do have all four on DVD.  I can only find three though…

Turning my daughter into an anime geek is official.  We’re watching Dragon Ball Z now, though we aren’t going to watch every season.  Since I had to get Funimation for my PS4, I think we might find something new to watch together.

Back to FFXIV, life has been rather slowish.  Because it’s just that period of a lot of people being finished with the new content, and new games out, it’s been a sluggish community.  More than one friend has disappeared.  My Raid group lost one person, but we replaced him and we were doing fine.  For a really long time, we struggled with doing A2S consistently, and doing Thordan Ex.  During December we had a lot of missed days because of Christmas and sickness.  Finally towards the middle of January, we finally decided to move on, skipping A1S and A2S every week, and getting locked into A3S each week.


It’s not like we’ve had no fun…

We’re not doing that bad.  It’s small….very small progress.  The other tank and I are really struggling with the hands though.  If we get Fist, we’re good, but man…if we get hand, chances are, we’re gonna wipe it.  Something about the precise nature of positioning, it makes it difficult.  One second late on moving, and we’re screwed.


On top, of course, of the vulnerabilities, and then the DPS check.  Last night we’d either wipe because of the hand slap (bad), cleave one another (bad), swap vulns (bad) and if we managed to actually do it all right…we failed the dps check that we made every other time, even with a dead tank.  It was ugly.

The good thing is that our group is really good with one another.  The bad thing is we are losing our Bard because he got a new job and his hours include while we raid.  It’s a huge bummer, but there’s nothing we can really do about that.  So while he gave us a decent amount of notice to replace him, so Tomo is working on that.

Other than that, my focus in December, and January and now December was Relic.  I’m almost done.  I think I’m on about…73-74 items out of 80?  Tomo’s been awesome and has been gathering the mats for the next part, so by this weekend, I should have everything done.

Tomo and I also beat Thordan Ex.  Oh man, Thordan is rough, but as a tank?  I love it.  While it took some time to learn everything, once I had it, it was really simple.  We literally went at it for about 4 hours one evening.  Of course Tomo got his book.  I really do want the weapons though.  We might end up doing “Help Night” runs over the next few weeks.  Glamour!!

And now the newest patch is on it’s way.  I’m excited for a few reasons.  New dungeons are always fun (And AntiTower looks fantastic) and I enjoy the story.  New gear of course (ahh, the grind…) and new Alexander.  I think this means that Alexander Savage will be nerfed (Praise RNGSUS!!)  Hello echo, my old friend.  And Hildy is back!!!

12710879_10153878734485871_4058036435796830424_oI love the idea of Stone, Sky, Sea.  It’s really a nice way to say to your DPS that they need to work on stuff.  Without having to be a dick.  Not a problem for everyone, but a problem for us nice people.

And I can’t tell you how excited I am for Sephirot.  One of the bloody WARRING TRIAD from Final Fantasy 6!  The music is even the same.  Mine blown.  Body Ready.  This Fan Girl is in HEAVEN(ward).


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