January 2016
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Back to my dungeon! I mean basement…

My new stove is coming on Saturday!  I’m very excited, particularly since we got a good deal (I think…)  So my kitchen is almost complete, with just the odd touch here and there to make things more simplified and organized.  Which means…

Back to the basement.

Yes, that was the sound of me screaming in terror.

It’s not that bad, it’s just the amount of work, plus the basement is rather cold this time of year (though it’s not once the electric heater is going…)  It’s also more expensive, of course, since we’re buying concrete and floor paint, and trying to find way to put things on concrete brick walls. Have I mentioned that I love these? They are brilliant for pictures, and even lighter objects, like small bins to hold pens and chalk.

In all reality, I’m excited to work on the basement again.  Step one…do some laundry.  Step two…find some bulbs for our weird lights.  Hint hint, that’s the husband’s job!


My temperature blanket chart…I haven’t bothered buying the warmer colors yet…LOL.

So while I wait for the motivation (and lights…) to turn on, I’m doing a lot of knitting and crocheting.  January 1st, I started a Temperature blanket. It’s been fun, and really interesting to note the temperature fluctuations, though I rather wish I started in December when temperatures were really crazy.  I made it wide, so it’s been a touch tedious doing 300 stitches, but since it’s once of those things you can pick up and go on your own pace, it hasn’t been much of a problem.

It helps that I can look up on any temperatures I missed.  While I’m keeping track, it’s nice to know I won’t screw it all up if I do miss checking.  Not that anyone would know…


Most of January.

I do find it amusing that I find myself hoping for at least one super cold day so I can use my darkest purple…really, I need a good slapping. Who hopes for super cold for something like that?  Apparently I do.

I also picked up some knitting again, something I haven’t done in awhile.  Knitting is really hard on my wrists, even if I love it.  So I pick to only knit stuff I really love.  I actually have about three projects in mind for this year, including finishing off last years big knitting project.

I really fell in love with the Labyrinth sweater.  I just had to give it a try, even if I’ve never knit a sweater before.  I have to learn sometime, right?  It’s actually rather fun to watch it take shape as I go.  Like I told doomkitty (who is worse than me at blogging!  Good thing I love you woman), I am not very good at visualizing that sort of thing.  I always have to have faith in the designer and that I haven’t messed up somewhere.


The start of my Labyrinth sweater.  It’s actually a dark hunter green, but my camera sucks.

I have a few more projects on my hooks, but these are the main two I’m working on.  I have to wait for a certain company to put a certain yarn on sale so I can make another awesome scarf for someone.  I have some cheaper, pretty yarn that I am thinking of using to make a few to put up for sale on my poor neglected etsy.

And I’ve promised myself…no more new projects, I’m going to focus on my current ones, and the ones I’ve started that need finishing.

Yes…that was the sound of laughter.  I know the curse I’m under.

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