January 2016
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My warm and lovely tiny kitchen

My daily thinking goes something like this:

“I should blog.”  *Browses the web.  Plays with the kids.  Cleans.  Big projects.  Cooks.  Crochets.  Final Fantasy.*  “Oh man, I didn’t blog.  I really suck at this blogging thing.”

And thus, I don’t blog.

Thing is, I like to blog. It’s fun to share ideas and thoughts, and just connect with friends and like-minded people.  I’ve never had any intention to be some sort of professional blogger, making money (which I mean, would be awesome…I’m just not that interesting!)

My blog is pretty much like me.  Spontaneous.  And geeky.  With some adulting thrown in.

2016 has seen a good start for me. After years and years of hating my kitchen, I finally started to do something about it.  For those that don’t know, my kitchen is tiny.  I would call it roomy coffin size.  There’s not much I can do about the size.  But for five and half years, I’ve lived with ugly wall paper (and when I removed it, ugly white stained walls…), an old stove, ugly green sink and gross faucet…

So I took care of a few things.  It started with asking for a new oven for Christmas.  While that’s not here yet (but will be!) I started to get antsy about getting the walls taken care of while the old stove was around.  This began the scrubbing of the walls, followed by the painting of the walls.  I went with a color labeled Ancestral Gold, which is more a light greenish-yellow, and then a Garden Green, which is dark, and made a perfect trim.


As a family of five, we can’t really afford to tile the entire kitchen, so we I used some chalkboard paint to create somewhere to write some messages. There’s also some along the bottom of this wall for the kids to entertain themselves with.

with a small backsplash behind the stove.  4, 12 x 12 tiles (and since we only needed four, we splurged on a nicer one) some mortar and some grout, and bam!  It is a nice touch to my kitchen.  Small as it is, the window faces the south, and we get some really nice light.  The light green, with the reflective backsplash has enhanced this, and my kitchen is warm and inviting.  Even if there’s no where to sit.  I still want to go in and cook now.  Constantly.  Why am I not baking right now???

Now it’s the little touches.  I can’t change the sink for awhile, or the fridge, or the floor tiles.  I have some valences in mind.  Because it’s a tiny kitchen I am trying to use a lot of wall space.  I bought a hanging basket, and am looking at a few more accessories to complete the look.  A small wine rack for under the cabinets, a paper towel holder for the wall.  My dream would be to put some glass shelves in front of the window for herbs and such, plus you know…a stainless steel sink and faucet, new floor, some new countertops.


But I’m happy with what I’ve done so far.  It makes an incredible difference.  It all feels like mine finally.  My kitchen, with my own little touches.  Best of all, it was all simple, and stuff I did myself.  It was affordable, and not some multi-thousand dollar renovation that we simply can’t afford, or would’ve had to go into debt for.  Of course I’ll update once the new stove is installed, but until then, I still plan to cook and enjoy my improved space.  I think there’s a recipe for an apple snickerdoodle cobbler that’s calling my name.  Maaaaaake me, FatChocoboMom….Maaaaake me!

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